From predictions about Bitcoin's long-term price target to ETH Futures likely to launch this year, here are some highlights in the crypto space.

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Bitcoin news

With Bitcoin surpassing the $ 10,000 mark for the first time this year, trader and strategist Joe Saz says we are currently in the cynical phase of a new long-term Bitcoin bull market, with market participants. The school is trying to believe the bear market is really over.

In a new interview with BlockTV, Saz talked about BTC's next destination in the current rally.

“My strong bullish prediction is that Bitcoin will reach about $ 300,000 until this market bubble burst. So I think we'll have another bubble, maybe in two to three years. I think Bitcoin will break six numbers and $ 300k is my estimate, maybe the area between $ 300k. But I think this is a bull race that brings us to those beautiful numbers. ”

In the short term, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes is also optimistic about the price, suggesting that Bitcoin could climb to $ 20,000 after it breaks $ 10k.

Even so, Joe Saz said the price would shoot straight to the moon. He believes that there will be a 30% to 40% pullback before halving or at the time of the event.

$ 10k to activate FOMO

Crypto Michaël predicts that Bitcoin's $ 10k level will lead to massive FOMO reactions.

Halving Bitcoin not only affects the price but also acts as a story used by the media to attract readers. It can lead to excitement before the event and cause prices to rise.

Trader recalled that in 2016, before the second Bitcoin halving (BTC) took place, a similar process began before five weeks. Considering the upcoming halving event, this phase will begin in the early days of April 2020.

Bitcoin has broken the psychological $ 10k level and with a 40% YTD 2020 increase has made some analysts concerned about the deep decline.

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Alameda Research co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried and Bitbull Capital co-founder Joe DiPasquale talked about the possibility of this discount during a market discussion on February 7.

While Sam didn't determine Bitcoin's trajectory, Joe identified $ 6,800 as the target of BTC / USD.

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XRP news

San Francisco-based Ripple said it plans to significantly expand its XRP remittance platform in Latin America this year.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the company is testing an ODL-based money transfer network in both Brazil and Argentina. Now a new move from exchange and partner Ripple Bitso can help make the XRP money transfer in Argentina a reality.

Bitso, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico, announced an expansion in Argentina.

Binance news

During an AMA session on February 7, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced major plans for the exchange by 2020. One of the things that are about to happen and the least explained is the appearance of a product. called the Binance Cloud, will be revealed in the next 10 days.

The company is currently search a senior Cloud Engineer, to join the Architectural and Cloud Engineering Group. This location describes large-scale and highly available computing systems on the advanced cloud computing platform.

In addition, CZ also talked about listing fees for projects on DEX, which are supposed to start from a whopping $ 100,000.

Ethereum News

Survey The Block's shows that ETH Futures is likely to launch this year. Cryptocurrency futures markets are heating up as more coins are now heading for the derivatives market.

Of the 106 respondents participating in the survey – focusing on questions like the possibility of getting a Bitcoin ETF approval in the US this year – 72 said that an ETH Futures would be traded on a regulated exchange. In 2020, the number of participants is 67.9%.

Has Ethereum ended?

After a recent suggestion that Tron is likely to acquire ConsenSys, tweets appeared from Justin Sun and another Twitter user @nvk, saying 'Ethereum is over'.

News Tron

TRON and its community had a great week after Justin Sun announced that he had dinner with billionaire Warren Buffet. The excitement was met with another big announcement appearing today, stirring more excitement in the TRON community.

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Sun has announced a new application for the TRON blockchain project in Europe.

In particular, Europe-based payment company, Bitsa, allows users to spend cryptocurrencies with prepaid cards that now integrate TRX into their systems.

The latest development now allows TRX holders to make payments at stores that accept VISA cards.

Tron's Defi competes with ETH in India and China

The momentum of competition between Ethereum, EOS and Tron for DApps continues to escalate by 2020. Tron was able to surpass EOS DApps for the first time last month, however, it continues to lag behind Ethereum's dominance. .

Popularly, Ethereum's DeFi has caught the attention, with the total locked-in value of DeFi applications for Ethereum surpassing the whopping $ 1 billion.

In a recent interview with Messari CEO Ryan Selkis, Tron's Justin Sun discussed Tron's ambition to compete with Ethereum, while focusing on the platform's DeFi aspirations.

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Sun explained that the platform will initially target the Asian market because of its large involvement in the space. However, Selkis points out that to challenge Ethereum's foothold in the DeFi space, Tron will need to target specific areas like China or India. Japan and South Korea are already working with Ethereum, so the options seem to be limited to Tron.

Enjin Coin News

Chilliz, a project focused on fan engagement, announced a partnership with Enjin Coin. Starting with, Chilliz will use Enjin's blockchain development platform to create branded collections for world-renowned sports and entertainment partners.

This new partnership gives Chiliz the position to provide irreplaceable tokens for's complete list, including some of the biggest names in the king's sports industry.

Robinhood news

Robinhood, the trading application that has stormed the financial world in the US, is currently paying attention extend to England. The app became extremely popular by making transactions and investments with no fees for millenials.

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Robinhood is an innovative trading application that allows investors to open savings accounts, buy stocks, ETF funds and cryptocurrencies, without fees, all from a smartphone. The application launched in 2015 and changed the landscape for online brokers.

Robinhood has always been Silicon Valley style, expanding rapidly and disrupting every approach, which has caused them past regulatory troubles.

The app currently has 60,000 members in the UK market, since starting to allow pre-registration starting last November. Robinhood's impact on the UK market could be a game-changing factor like in the United States.

Other news

Ukraine announced the most advanced policy of regulating cryptocurrency mining in the world

Manifesto of the Virtual Assets Ministry, Ministry and Committee of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, medium announced the most appropriate and regulated regulatory policy for mining of Blockchains and Proof of Work (PoW) on earth.

Regulators have concluded that Bitcoin's protocol and enforced consensus rules are sufficient to regulate onchain operations, since network rules are enforced by the protocol itself, the operators. node and social consensus of the user. It does not require government oversight or intervention.

Instead of micromanagement and serious legal needs, Ukrainian officials are focusing on developing state policies in the fields of digitization, digital economy, digital innovation, electronic governance and democracy. electronics, and information social development.

Hong Kong has the first licensed crypto loan company

Startup loan cryptocurrency Pawnhub medium become Hong Kong's first fully licensed and fully licensed cryptocurrency loan company. Pawnhub also has offices in Switzerland, England, Taiwan and Thailand, so this could be a big news.

Pawnhub has big plans to become one of Asia-Pacific's leading cryptocurrency loan companies. Asian countries have high technology capacity and great enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

The breakthrough of cryptocurrency lending can be huge. The crypto lending industry has become one of the fastest and most profitable sub-sectors of the crypto asset investment environment in general in the past 2 years.


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