Crypto Custodial Firms Raised Over 3 Billion USD in 2021

According to The Block Research, the inflow of capital into crypto-custodial firms – which cater to large institutions – has increased significantly in 2021.

These companies have raised more than 3 billion USD this year, the investment rate increased 3 times compared to 2020.

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The most fundraising rounds belonged to Anchorage with $ 350 million, Ledger with $ 380 million, Fireblocks with $ 310 million, …

Given the above, such fundraising rounds are likely to bring major impacts to the digital asset industry in 2022.

The Block Research analysts Carlos Reyes and Greg Lim said:

“In 2022, investments in digital asset custodians have the potential to yield tremendous results in the form of enhanced service delivery and continued innovation in technologies that enable the custody of digital assets. digital asset signing.

The space will also continue to grow as traditional financial institutions such as BBVA, BNY Mellon, and US Bank, among others, join or expand their digital asset offerings, including custody, directly or in partnership with existing depository firms”.

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