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Crispy Fried Pork Lot Leaves is a novel variation of the dish. Richly marinated pork, shrimp and vegetables wrapped in a layer of crispy and fragrant guava leaves, dipped with chili sauce or soy sauce will be even more attractive, especially in this rainy season. Quickly save this delicious dish recipe!

Table of Contents


Servings: 2 people

  • 200gr . guise leaves
  • Carrots 50g
  • Mushrooms 10gr
  • Minced pork 200g
  • Green onions 20g
  • Shrimp 200gr
  • Ground pepper 5g
  • Seasoning seeds 5gr
  • Salt 2g
  • Sugar 5g
  • Onion 50g
  • Chicken eggs 2
  • Crispy fried dough 300gr
Implementation Guide

1. Wash the ingredients. Pickled black fungus, chopped carrots, diced onion, peeled shrimp minced, scallions finely chopped.

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2. Mix 300gr of fried flour with 1 chicken egg and 150ml of water, stir well, Mix the ingredients including, minced pork, shrimp, black fungus, carrot, onion, scallions, 5g seasoning, 2g salt, 5g pepper ground, 7g sugar, 10g oyster sauce, chewy and well seasoned

3. Divide the mixed meat into small portions, take a bay leaf, clamp it in half, tighten the edges of the leaves to prevent the meat from falling apart, dip it in the mixed dough, deep-fry in oil at a moderate temperature for about 5 minutes to when golden crisp.

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4. Arrange the dish on a decorative plate that can be deep fried, adding a few sliced ​​bay leaves to enhance the flavor. The harmoniously marinated meat filling is in a layer of hot crispy guise leaves that will definitely not disappoint you. The dish can be used with chili sauce, soy sauce are very suitable.

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