By default the computer’s cursor just a little more than an arrow. You can create a fun cursor for your blog. When someone drag on your blog, this cursor will appear. 

To do this you need to access the page , you click one of the menu to the right. There are many pointers to keep you comfortable choice. 

You click a category that you selected page appears. Make a copy of the code that you see on the page (see picture below) into Notepad (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad, Windows XP). 

Copy the code you will like this (this is just an example). 


Inserting 1: 

Now let's remove the code from
head back down.


You copy the code on the Template (Template) -> Edit HTML (Edit HTML), scroll down and paste the above  head> (use Ctrl + F to find) as illustrated. 

2 inserting: 

You just copy the code like this (remember to copy the exact offline!) 

    cursor: url (;  

Then also go to Edit HTML, scroll to find body {and paste as shown. 

In both cases, after the paste is complete, click Save Template to save. Please click View Blog (View Blog) for the results. Only displayed on Internet Explorer! 

If you want to use long-term, take the cursor always represent this by downloading it from the link: 

Then upload this file to GooglePages cursor with your Google account (along with your blog or activation is used if not doing it) and get a link to instead link angel.ani in the above code. 

Good success! 

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