MyLiveSignature a free online service enables users to create electronic signature style of its own.

Access page, then click on Click Here To Start or direct access in here to start the signature creation

Then the site appears to provide three ways to create personal electronic signatures, including: Using the signature creation wizard (create a signature in “wizard” of the service), Draw a signature straight to the screen (self virtual pen to draw a signature), Using a scanned image (from images of signature his name). In particular, for creating a scanned signature image Using the user needs to pay to get the results.

With Draw a signature straight to the screen, press the left mouse button, then draw the lines themselves create their own signature. Then, click the Create Signature to save. Now save the finished product, Save As … window of your browser will appear to select where to save. While drawing, if you want to do, then click Start Over.

This service proved the most professional way to create a signature from the name. Select Using the signature creation wizard, then type in Name name the user wants to create a signature. Since the service only supports the Unicode font in the name so avoid heavy marked, preferably in Vietnamese text entry will result in more standardized. Click Next Step.

Now, the service will automatically create different signature style with the name entered. Selecting the type of signature you like, then click Next Step. Here are all 120 signature style, but on-screen display only every 10 types, you need to click on the button above to order some more.

Then choose the size of the signature characters. Service offers 10 different sizes. Selection, click Next Step.

Next, click on the black colored window to open the color picker, choose a signature color from this palette, then click Next Step.

The next step to provide services for different types of signatures tilt. Click on the type tilt want, click Next Step.

Now, will the message “Finished! The signature is ready”, a signature finished product below. To download, click on Want to download this signature?
On the window that appears, click on the finished product, choose Save Image As to save or load on the machine using the path in the URL.
After you have image files of electronic signature, upload it to retrieve and insert into the path set your signature box is used.

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