Give the reader a way to add website / webblog to list your favorite web browser on the tool is a good way to increase traffic to your website.However, to win the regular traffic, you need to constantly update the content and the reader a reason to want to go back to your site in the future. 

The best way is that you should put a button on the Add a Favorite to your website when it is click it will automatically add the address into your web page lists favorite sites on the browser tool that readers use application. 

Click on the Add a Favorite link below to view Demo. 

Add a Favorite 

To set a button to Add a Favorite website / webblog of you, first place the following code before the head>.

add2Favorites function () { 
if (window.sidebar && window.sidebar.addPanel) 
window.sidebar.addPanel ("Huynh Nhat Ha on Blogger", "", ""); 
window.external.AddFavorite ("", "Huynh Nhat Ha on Blogger") 

Replace the red part is marked by address website / webblog and replace your green section marked with the title of your site. 

Next, place the following code to the location you want the site Add a Favorite button. 

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