Create visitor statistics table in WordPressTracking visitor data is important for website development. Information that helps you see how visitors are getting content from you, which articles work best.

Because of this value, many people implement the visitor statistics dashboard settings at WordPress. It provides the details you need without having to switch to a Google Analytics account.

All the information you need is right there in the admin screen. It's all about rationalizing the website maintenance process.

Below, I will show you how to set up visitor statistics dashboard in WordPress.

Before getting started, you will need to have your own Google Analytics website account.

Use MonsterInsights

Today, I will show you just a little what MonsterInsights does. Although I will use the lite plugin version, you will get more features with premium accounts.

This tool has more than two million active installs is also a more popular tool. This is an additional feature rich if you want to have statistics on WordPress admin dashboard visitors.

Install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin for the Google Analytics Dashboard.


When activated, you will receive an alert at the top of the screen. This is MonsterInsights, letting you know that information is required before it can be used on the website.

Without these settings, you won't be able to track WordPress traffic from the plugin.

Click the Google Analytics Settings link from Google at the top.


Click the button to authenticate your Google account. This is the connection between the website and Google Analytics.


At this point, the plugin will redirect you to the Google login screen where you select the account you are linking to. After logging in, you will see the message that wants to access your Google account.

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Click the agree online button at the bottom.


Select the profile you want to link to the WordPress statistics dashboard. If you have multiple websites, use the drop-down menu to find the page you want.

Click the Connect complete online button.


It will take a few seconds for the authentication process to finish. Once done, you will be taken back to the MonsterInsights installation screen on the website.

General settings

The options tab from General with the visitor tracking plugin has several settings available. You can choose to turn off reporting, make automatic updates or follow along.

Click Save Change.


Tracking settings

Click the “Tracking” tab at the top.


At this screen, you have access to a long list of features. You are changing the way MonsterInsights handles information related to engagement, demographics, advertising, e-commerce, performance, much more.

The benefit from MonsterInsights is support for custom tracked user roles. That means you are bypassing visits from specific users at the website. For example, what if you don't want to follow the author?

You will choose the Author role in the Engagement section.


Unfortunately, most features coming to MonsterInsights are locked behind the “Pro” version. But if you decide to sign up for the service, this section is where you will refine the report.

Each section will have its own Save Changes button, so don't forget to click if you make adjustments. For this tutorial, I will now keep everything as default.

Click the “Reports” option on the left in the Insights section.


Report MonsterInsights

In the Lite version of MonsterInsights, all you have access to is an overview report. If you want to see AdSense data, Ecommerce, Search Console stats and other data, you need the Pro version.

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Now, let's see how to check views at WordPress website with MonsterInsights.

Overview Report: Sessions


The first tab is the Sessions chart. This represents the number of visitors to the website about 1 month. It is similar to what you will see at Google Analytics.

Hovering over any data point will show you the number of unique visitors that day as well as positive or negative growth in percentage points.

Overview Report: Pageviews


The Pageview report shows the number of times visitors have visited the site at the website. Charts are often similar to Sessions.

However, the spikes in this report often signify people who discover the website instead of just reading the article.

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More Report Details


If you scroll down, you will see more data about visitors. This report will display the previous 30 days in the same way as the previous 30 days.

Basically, it's a monthly comparison.

You will also see the new visitor versus returning visitor as well as the type of device used to access the page.

Below that box, you'll find the top referral country. Now the introductory segment will show you how certain social campaigns are working to drive website traffic.


Remember the referral is different from the search results. This is simply a list of websites that are hosted externally that send traffic to you.

The last thing on this visitor statistics dashboard from WordPress is the Top Post / Page. By default, MonsterInsights lets you see the 10 most effective content sections over the past 30 days.

You can choose to display the top 10, 25 or 50 posts.


This type of information is extremely useful when determining what content style is most effective at your website. For example, you get to know whether the article is better or an evaluation of the direction.

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Perhaps the biggest drawback in this particular report is the lack of dates. I would love to know if old posts are performing better than newer posts. It will help adjust the content.

Is MonsterInsights available on the WordPress Dashboard?


Unfortunately, the ability to track WordPress visitors through MonsterInsights is only available in the Pro version from the plugin. However, information available from the Pro version will display as soon as you first log in to WordPress.

Is there a free replacement?

There is no doubt that MonsterInsights is full of useful information regarding analytical statistics. However, much of the information is available just by adding Google Analytics Dashboard with WP to the website.

It is a free alternative that has the same information. In some cases, it is much more flexible than MonsterInsights. For example, I use the drop-down menu to select more detailed visitor statistics from the dashboard at WordPress.


Data is the key to website success

See visitor statistics from the dashboard at the reasonably developed WordPress. Instead of changing tabs or logging in or out of Google Analytics, important information will display from your website.

It is this data that will contribute to building a strong content marketing strategy and figuring out which social campaigns are most effective.

Never underestimate the value from data.

What type of analytics plugin do you use at WordPress? Do you prefer free or limited plugins compared to premium tools?

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