Create a page for recent comments in WordPressCreating a page for recent comments at WordPress is likely to attract an audience. It shows current activity, offering visitors the opportunity to see what others think and respond from you.

After all, commenting is known to increase discussion opportunities with the audience. That improves your ability to go back and share your brand with others.

Today, I will show you how to set up the page for recent comments at WordPress. Using the plugin to display comments, you can use comments from visitors in many different ways.

What can you do with a page for recent comments in WordPress?

The suggestion to set up a comment page at WordPress is to use it as a shared element in social media. You post something like, this is what the guest we think, and then attach the link.

A common method is to use the page as a menu item in the navigation bar on the same website. This makes visitors quickly and easily inspire website exploration.

Perhaps you have a landing page that wants to drive engagement. Use the WordPress comment shortcode so you can place recent messages directly on that landing page. It enhances interaction with the target audience.

These are just a few methods of using recent comment pages to improve the potential for content interaction. This is especially true if you actively respond to visitors.

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Use Better Recent Comments

In this article, I will use the Better Recent Comments plugin. This tool will provide widgets, shortcodes to display notifications from visitors. You can also change the format, size of the avatar and determine the length of comment excerpts.

The only real downside to this plugin is the lack of installation controls at the WordPress admin control panel. So if you want to modify the recent comment that appears on the page, you'll need to manually add that element to the shortcode.

However, you will find all short code adjustments at with the plugin.

Activation settings, Better Recent Comments


Go to the page and click, “add new”. You can also use the page you saved at WordPress.


Paste this shortcode into page:



If you are using the Gutenberg editor, you also add a short code block to separate it from the actual content.

When you publish or update the page, the most recent comment will appear.


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Show full comment

By default, Better Recent Comments limits snippets to 20 words. But what if you want to show all comments?

Add excerpts = false to the shortcode. So the code would look like this to remove the limit from:

(better_recent_comments excerpts = false)


Remember, the list of what you do in the shortcode to customize it is on the plugin page at the WordPress repository.

Add pages as a menu item

There is a recent comment page that now provides you with a link to share. But what if you want your visitors to easily access it? Add pages as menu items to help guests easily find the page.

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That is, unless you only need to add the shortcode to the page you have used.

Go to the interface, click Menus.


Select the menu you want to add the page to. Depending on whether you have created a custom menu in the past, the navigation bar has been selected.


Check the box with the most recent page below and click, “add to menu”.


Use the drag and drop feature to place the page you want it to display in the menu.


Click the Save Menu button.


Recent comment page will show in the menu.


Other things you can do with this WordPress Comments Plugin

Shortcode gives you the option to place recent comments almost anywhere on the website. You can add them to posts, pages or most custom post types.

This tool also comes with its own utility in case you want to add it to the sidebar. The widget itself is a bit easier to manage than the simple shortcode because it includes options like displaying avatars, post links, and more.

However, the utility does not provide you with several other options, such as removing citation limits.

More interaction with the Solid WordPress Comments Plugin

Better Recent Comments are just plugins that provide visitor engagement through discussions. In fact, you can easily spend hours searching for the perfect one to fit the needs simply because there are so many great commenting tools at WordPress.

Doing this highlights the content then attracts visitors. It helps you turn first time visitors into long-term fans.

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