Craig Wright seems to be very determined against Bitcoin, because the controversial nChain scientist could own about 6000 blockchain technology patents over the next few years. He claims to have been granted between 100 and 200 patents, while nChain's chairman Jimmy Nguyen said the company currently has about 800 applications pending.


Thousands of pending patents are used as weapons in the war Between Wright and Bitcoin

Craig Wright, also known as Satoshi Nakamoto, has taken his fight against Bitcoin to the next level. Not only was the nChain scientist controversial when claiming to create the world's first cryptocurrency, but now he is also seeking to monetize other important parts of blockchain technology.

In an interview with Micky, Wright was disclosure on its quirky patent strategy, says that nChain aims to hold around 6000 patents related to blockchain technology. The BSV proponent claims to have been granted between 100 and 200 patents by various organizations around the world.

Such aggressive patent pursuing is part of an effort to gain more control over future Bitcoin forks and other cryptocurrencies built on existing technology. He answered in the interview:

“Basically, if I wanting to try and prevent all the altcoin splits, forks and scams pretending to be blockchain, the only way I can really think of is to start owned license of invention”.

Wright revealed that in addition to preventing many Bitcoin scams, he also plans to make money from a number of patents.

Contradictory information about patents held by Wright and nChain

However, Wright shared a lot of conflicting information about his patent. He told Micky he had a patent for both electronic data interchange (EDI) in the blockchain, as well as “above all else”.

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In addition to 100 to 200 existing patents, he is currently filing applications for 1450 other patents. It is not clear whether any patents will be filed.

According to nChain president Jimmy Nguyen and the company's former intellectual property lawyer, the company currently has about 800 applications, some of which are pending. When it comes to approved patents, he says that “preliminary estimates” only about 50% of them are actually granted.

Although Nguyen no longer manages nChain's portfolio, he confirms one of the “related to Lightning Network” patents. When asked if nChain plans to take any legal action against Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, he declined to give a straightforward answer. However, what he said shows that the cryptocurrency industry can witness a huge and very confusing legal battle. Specifically:

“Now I will not comment on that. But I also want speak as a former lawyer Intellectual Property, copyright registration gives you certain rights and if come appropriate time to exercise those rights, they will be enforced ”.

Wright also hinted at potential legal action. Copyright registration and “release” of the copyright of Bitcoin whitepaper last year showed that it will happen soon. Currently, the white paper has been published with his name and copyright on the document provided, Wright said he could “request a sentence”.

Asked what this action would be and whether it would be against Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin developers, he said we would have to wait and see.

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