Craig Wright lied about Dave Kleiman's death

According to an excerpt from an upcoming documentary, Craig Wright, the self-confessed father of Bitcoin, said his former partner Dave Kleiman had overdosed of the drugs he bought on the Silk Road. However, Kleiman's public death notice shows that he died of coronary artery disease.

Wright: Dave Kleiman has overdosed on drugs

Craig Wright – chief scientist at nChain, lied about the death of his former partner and partner. In an excerpt from a documentary called “Cryptonaires,” Wright discussed potential use cases for blockchain.

Plantholt's interview with Wright is expected to appear in the upcoming documentary “Cryptonaires” – including interviews with leading figures in the cryptocurrency space such as Charles Hoskinson, Justin Sun. , Jed McCaleb, and some others. The interview was filmed earlier this month in London during the CoinGeek London conference.

According to Wright, one of the many uses of the technology behind Bitcoin is keeping an immutable ledger of patient records, which can be used to limit the growing number of prescription drug addicts, such as Oxycodone.

Wright said the problem ended with his heart when Dave Kleiman died from an overdose of drugs. Wright and Kleiman worked together in a number of companies and together mined more than 1 million Bitcoins until Kleiman died in 2013.

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Wright told the host Dustin Plantholt:

“The way he died, not much talked about, but he actually died from an overdose of the medicines he bought on Silk Road.”

Death notice shows Kleiman died of heart disease

Meanwhile, the death of Dave Kleiman was not caused by drug overdose. The confusion surrounding Kleiman's death created many opportunities for Wright to lie – back in 2015, Carter Conrad – Kleiman's partner, told Gizmodo that he remembered that Kleiman had died of MRSA infections. Gizmodo's investigation also revealed other mysterious details surrounding Kleiman's death, when he was found beside a gun.

However, Kleiman's official death notice removed all of these hypotheses. The obituary publicly cited the cause of death as coronary artery disease. In the report, medical examiner Reinhard Motte said that a branch of Kleiman's left coronary artery was severely constricted, which reduced blood flow to the heart and eventually caused his death. The report also noted that Kleiman had to be in a wheelchair because he was obese.

While sophisticated lies and intricate conspiracies are all too familiar to Wright, his latest lie is still his most problematic to date. It shows that Wright may be exploiting the death of his former colleague to advance his own agenda by sympathizing.

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