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crab roasted tamarind attractive by many tasty sweet sour. With a simple formula, you can manually perform this delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy.


1kg crab (category 2 / kg)

100g tamarind extractor

Two loaves

Spices: salt, sugar, fish sauce, onion, garlic, oil.

422 Cua rang me chua ngọt đậm đà


If you like to eat crab, crab tiles you should choose lipstick. When processed, crab sauce will mix with me, for a charming, attractive. If selected crab meat, remember to select fresh crab, holding firm and heavy hands, shook not call (the crab holding up a relief, shaking hear wailing peeled crab “tangent” means crab catch up was long, thin and with little meat, when processing will be more water, not tasty).

night washed, cut into four. Particularly crab should tap for cracked shells during processing to quickly saturate spices. Crab cutting the drain to the basket. If selected crab tiles, bricks separated memory, for later processing into the cup. Although no longer part brick shell crab but do not leave. There are more shells to decorate when they move up the table, dishes will be more attractive.

thinly sliced ​​purple onion, drop into the oil pan fry till fragrant. For fried crabs were drained in profile. When you see the crab turned yellow pieces are then off the kitchen, picked crab disc.

An important step when making this dish is processed tamarind sauce. But in the markets and supermarkets are selling tamarind sauce prepared, but if you have to self-phase will help more flavoursome dish. Me squeezed purchase of the bowl, add warm water (ratio 1 me: 2 water), beams to a thick liquid. Add one tablespoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, one teaspoon in water tamarind sauce, mix well.

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Tell a little oil and minced garlic to the pan non for hot sauce for me on the spice island documents to dissolve. For crab was fried in the pan, mix well. Because relatively dilute phase tamarind sauce should hold fire for about 10 minutes to olive Riu matched sauce and crab blended into pieces. Finally, for the crab had separated earlier in the pan, mix well, after about 5 minutes of your crab roasted tamarind ready “to disk”.

Thanks to me quite tasty sauce to this dish almost no sauce accompanied. However, if you prefer, you may move together with a small plate of lemon salt and pepper, a few slices of tomato or cucumber, thinly sliced ​​to eat together.

300x250 Cua rang me chua ngọt đậm đà

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