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Each slice of beef muscle meat soft fragrant, tasty spices will definitely make the whole house where irresistible!

5 cong thuc bap bo ham thai mieng thom ngon dam da Bắp bò hầm thơm lừng hấp dẫn

To make the corn beef stew, you need:

– 1kg of beef muscle meat
– Spicy beef stew corn: 1 stick cinnamon, anise 2 branches, 1 dried bay leaf
– 100g relative poverty (like seeds)
– 30ml soy sauce
– 3 ginger
– 5 stalks scallions
– 1l broth

The corn beef stew recipe is as follows:

Step 1:

– First, you wash the corn beef, cut into big chunks and lightly cooked in boiling water. After boiling, you hesitate to meat with cold water.

Step 2:

– Heat the broth in one big pot, then add seasoning packet put beef into stew. Wait, then add boiling water turns sparkling chopped ginger, green onions, soy sauce into the pot of stew.

Step 3:

– Heat until boiling resumes, the drop was lightly cooked shank part in, high heat for 30 minutes. Then you need to simmer down and continue to stew shank in 1 hour 30 minutes until ripe.

Step 4:

– Remove the corn beef was cooked to cool and store in refrigerator for venison once again. This step will help move easier shank. Finally, you move into slices of meat are able to enjoy the right.

– With water tunnel, you picked spice section dropped initially, then can be used as a soup or soup to cool and then refrigerated for corn beef stew next time also very tasty.

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Each slice spices tasty corn beef dinner with hot steamed rice is cooked fresh on the top that!

300x250 Bắp bò hầm thơm lừng hấp dẫn

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