Hey guys, in the seo tips can not not mention the static route configuration page, so how the best SEO standards? The following information will help you with that!

Principles brief

In path whether static or dynamic, or contains variables, the best is as short as possible, this is related to the mechanism of the machine got index search, if it sees the path for many, it will turn very slowly got index Crawler because it fears the traps, trap here is the path to the long and infinite pole to make the search server resource wear!

In the static path, the short path would be to preserve the text in the search results (the results show), making it easier to remember and help from locking up better!

should contain keywords

Path containing the keywords is the best, because in the search results we will be bold and clearly marked:

Từ khóa nằm ở đường dẫn tĩnh

Keywords located in the static route

There are so many websites such as Materials Prices for static route is Vietnamese, but they are encoded in the browser but displays fine on Google, it can also help them to rally, but because no official trials should best for you to not sign!

should not be too deep

In the path of some pages, you often see the section called PATH on the path, the structure is usually:


This is completely normal, but because we should adhere to the principle of the path as short as possible should be able to ignore the letter category, in our WordPress configuration is as follows:

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Access Setup> Static Routes> and fill in the Custom:% postname% .html

Also with Jam blog, still present to year / month / article still okey, seo still rumbling on, but you should not do the same for my blog because my blog to do so is to transfer all the posts from bloggers, it’s always a familiar shelf ?

There should be some?

Currently, many rumors among SEOer that path + name at the top of the article there is usually easy to seo more, this is untested, I do not encourage you to do so, but if want to do, you can add the ID of the post the link, for example, in the WordPress:

 /% post_id% -% POST_NAME% .html 

You can test and give the results, I think they are not important!

morning I wish you peace!

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