I just have to reset the computer for my child, its machine first phenomenon is slow, then it can not access the operating system, computer junk files throughout the entire drive, in addition it also spoiled music programs such as watching movies, browsing the entire advertising fill the screen, so when the computer viral infection, you have to do?

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What is Computer Virus?

Computer viruses are pieces of code, the programs running in the background on your computer that their purpose is harmful computer. Common virus is the most common and damaging viruses in computer programs, destroy important data files. Users do not use the computer or turn, lost damaged data files. Senior virus is the virus that infected the computer will make outsiders have the ability to control, use and steal data on your computer.

Signs infected computer

How do we recognize their computers have been infected with the virus?

  • Once infected, the computer processing of slower computer. You feel computers were slow, lumbering run. PC users feel very inhibited. When infected some programs can not be used.
  • There are also cases of viral loss of data files so you can not find your data previously stored data. In more severe cases, your computer can not boot up, or start going reboot repeatedly.
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The way they spread

Why your computer infected? virus spread through the streets following:

  • You copy data Data can from USB, intranet share …. You use the dollars to go to copy data from one other computer has been infected. When you retrieve data from a dollar that your computer will be infected with the virus.
  • You go online click on the miscellaneous page, of unknown origin. Or you download the software on the network that contains the virus.

What to do when the computer is infected with viruses

When the infected computer virus you need to do?

  • First, use anti-virus software to scan and remove the virus for the computer. There are many free anti-virus software on a lot!
  • If the viral infection is severe, it is best to reset the computer win. This will kill the root viruses. If you do know reinstalling win it is best to use this option. About 30 minutes to complete, can be used to install windows Rufus!


  • Set 1 virus software for your computer. Me just one whiff software. Avira such
  • Before you copy data from USB to USB antivirus conduct has
  • Download software vendors at genuine

The secure data storage

You should store important data files using the file storage services online such as Google Drive, Dropbox Onedrive or!

I wish you success!

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