MozRank Vs Google PageRankWebmasters are curious and at the same time insecure about the popularity of their owned websites. There is a high possibility to rank well in search engines with a large number of websites linked to your website. Many website testers, analyzers, and ratings are available to check the popularity and popularity of the website. It is Google PageRank (PR).

MozRank Vs Google PageRank

Previously, when the internet began to gain widespread access and many websites were published, Google began ranking websites in the range of 1 to 10 (Google's SERP). In the past, however, domain owners were frustrated with removing the 'page rank value' option from Google's webmaster tools and by PageRank's 'outdated' signals. The declining prominence of PR appears in some SEO companies (Search Engine Optimization). To deal with the drawbacks, Moz designed an accurate website ranking tool called MozRank (mR). Will this work well in Google's future PR path, or will PR regain its position by truly smoothing their services?

Below, is an extract describing the various attributes of each tool and whether they are subject to any relationship?

Moz's MozRank

Pages keep mozRank scores on the basis of both the quantity and quality of other sites linking to them. The higher these two aspects, the higher the mozRank, ie the websites with more backlinks linking to your site for higher mR value. Its ratio ranges from 0.00 (without value) to 9.99 (the highest value). However, measure 3 is a significant average of a normal page on the internet. The mR score can easily progress from 3 to 4 compared to the points from 8 to 9. mR measures both inbound and outbound links, where the latter targets links that are on a separate domain. This is an important metric to predict search engine rankings.

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PageRank by Google


Google PageRank is used by Google's web search engine, a PR tool that measures the number of links a page is sent to determine its reputation and relative popularity. A page linked by many other pages, with high PR, will receive high rankings. Today, Google PageRank is losing importance to seasoned internet marketers because Google has made it difficult to get points from their servers. It is updated every 3-6 months, thus declaring itself to be an indefinite way to assess the status of a website. It only gives an idea of ​​the link strength of a particular website based on Google's algorithm.

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Features of MozRank compared to PageRank

Basically, mR depends on the ability of the website to get links from some popular sites, while PR depends on the backlinks of other high PR websites associated with it.

  1. The most important feature that helps mR reach the PR score is the accuracy of the score. It gives SEO a more accurate explanation, for example 4.75 instead of just 4 (as measured by PR).
  2. MozRank measures the value of an individual link. Some subtitles and duplicate links are checked and taken into account. Therefore, this increases the accuracy of the point value.
  3. The mR tool is updated regularly because it assigns an exact ranking to a website, allowing users to check their website's SEO effectiveness.
  4. The PR algorithm includes elements, such as the size of a page, the number of changes, the last time it was updated, etc. while the mR included link popularity on major search engines, popularity. world language website, Wikipedia link, traffic rank, etc.
  5. Another positive aspect of mR is the rapid progress in their ranking system, faster than the PR. However, at higher values, it needs a lot of work plays.
  6. Operating on the same algorithm as mR, MozRank (DmR) calculates for both subdomain and root domain. It is applicable to domain-level link diagrams, in which an additional insight on the individual web sites in the corresponding domain name is provided by DmR.
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And, the debate for the right tool will continue. In his recent video, Matt Cutts, head of the Google Webspam team, said ‘Google PageRank is still important but that doesn't mean users have to use it’. Accordingly, the Google toolbar is not updated regularly and as a result, the displayed values ​​are old and inaccurate. Therefore, basically, webmasters should focus on the quality of the content along with the keywords used in it, actual sales, website authority, social range of the website, and reliability. (domain age and user retention rate) of the website and then, ranks must be considered because the latter are the result of previous factors.

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