There are many platforms to create websites. But in short, we divided it into two specific ways: one is to use website builder and the other is to use the content management system (CMS). Wix is a good example of type 1, while WordPress can be considered typical of type 2.

If you are a web novice, choose which platform to create the web will also need to think carefully. To help you make the best choice, in this article we will compare Wix vs WordPress in the most important categories, including:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Site management
  3. Speed
  4. Security
  5. Customizable ability

After that, we will synthesize the advantages of each platform, so you have all the information you need and choose the right platform. Let’s start with the concepts between WordPress vs Wix!

Introducing WordPress vs Wix

Before entering the main part, you need to know the key difference between Wix and WordPress first. As mentioned above, although both help you build a website, they are two ways to create a different web.

Basically, Wix is ​​a form of website builder . This means that it provides the necessary tools to build the web easily, without you touching a single line of code. It uses an intuitive interface and built-in elements, or blocks to organize into a web page:

wix website

Over the years, this kind of website building tool has grown tremendously , because it has an easy-to-use web-based interface for beginners without having to program. But there are certain limitations when using the website builder editor, we will say more clearly in the comparison for you to know.

WordPress wears another content management system (CMS). This term refers to platforms used to manage a large amount of content, articles, images, videos, yes yes. CMS also provides the tools you need to build a beautiful website:

WordPress website

Although WordPress was originally just a blogging platform, it gradually grew stronger to become a platform for every type of website. Today, WordPress accounts for 30% of the worldwide web market share, an unbelievable number. In the comparison you will know why it is so popular.

Now, you need to know the main differences of these two platforms. The most basic difference of website builder and CMS is that CMS is a self-hosted product. This means that when using Wix, your site will use the hosting provider Wix. When using WordPress, you can bring your website to any hosting provider.

To choose a good hosting provider, you need to spend less effort, but it will give you more control over performance and security. Moreover, you can find the best packages available for WordPress with a cheaper price.

WordPress itself is also a private hosting provider, called (instead of the WordPress WordPress open source page). is very similar to Wix and resembles its limitations. In this article, we will compare Wix and the self-hosted version.

Now, you know what is the basic difference of the two platforms, go deeper into the comprehensive comparison between Wix and WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress: The ease of use

First, take a look at the ease of use of both. We will research how easy it is to begin with. That is, you can use Wix or WordPress to build the web, without spending weeks or months learning about them.

We can immediately confirm that Wix is ​​great when it comes to convenience. As soon as you create your account, you will see a great and clear management interface for you to find the necessary tools:

wix dashboard interface

There are many advanced and strange features for a beginner to use. For example, you will need to learn how to research whether to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , or other marketing tools.

However, when you open the Wix editor, you will enjoy it immediately. Wix interface is very simple. You add text and images with the left tool, create new pages and manage integrated applications in seconds:

integrated wix

On the right you have the tool to use page editing and element styles, it’s like a photo editor. Wix supports using website templates to create websites in minutes. You can also edit web templates to create a unique design too:

edit web templates

In summary, the experience of using Wix is ​​very smooth. You can use this platform for web creation on the first day or in the first few hours. This is very useful if you need a folding site and have never created a website before.

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But, WordPress is not a too difficult platform. When you finish installing on the web host you choose, you will be able to use the famous WordPress manager . It has many options for you as shown below:

WordPress dashboard

Having a lot of options to customize your website is definitely a good thing right. However, it is also because there are many tools so WordPress seems to be a bit harder to learn than Wix.

Creating articles and websites is similar to Wix. It only takes a few clicks to create the page:

add new page

However, editing these pages and designing them beautifully requires more work. First, you need to find a WordPress theme that is similar to the style you want and learn how to customize it.

And WordPress themes now have tools for building web. And you can completely add this functionality with the plugin to get a web-building experience like Wix.

In short, Wix is ​​easier to use from the beginning than WordPress. But, as soon as you have completed the basic operation, you will find WordPress more flexible and do more work than Wix. Round 1 comparison between Wix vs WordPress, we think the win belongs to Wix.

Wix vs WordPress: Site management

In this section, we will talk about management functions. “Management” will cover all common tasks, such as updates, error checking, article cleanup, yes yes.

The first is Wix. When talking about site administration, the advantages of Wix are minimalism. You won’t have to worry about small jobs. As the update will be automatic.

Wix also simplifies the process of duplicating, deleting articles, and moving websites:

manage wix site

If you dig deeper, you’ll see that Wix lacks some of the functions that may be needed in the future. As options for optimizing search engines (SEO), this default feature in Wix is ​​not enough to use:


Only when you upgrade to Wix Premium, can you access the statistics (the most important factor for website development). This will not matter if you plan to use the Wix platform for a long time, but it is also because the long-term total will be more than when you run WordPress.

WordPress, on the other hand, fully supports site management features from the beginning. For example, you can structure the URL, this feature in Wix does not work:

URL structure

If you need more advanced features that are not available, you’ll always find the plugin you need to add, mostly for free. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin helps you to rank high in every search engine, for example, and it even helps you write articles that are easiest to read:

yoast seo plugin

Overall, Wix gives a simpler and more direct experience to manage websites. But, WordPress supports more depth and has more functions, this factor is more important to operate a website to succeed. Round comparison between this Wix and WordPress, we will choose WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress: Speed

It’s a bit hard to compare WordPress vs Wix in terms of speed, because each platform actually has a different host location. However, let’s look at the main differences.

As we said above, Wix is ​​also a web host. That means you are paying for website builder and hosting services together. Wix does not allow editing to improve website speed.

Instead, the platform will do everything necessary for the website to run as fast as possible, at least in theory. During our testing, we found that Wix has a very good page loading time, thanks to their automated image optimization technology and CDN .

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So, Wix is ​​a good choice if you’re someone who doesn’t want to worry about website performance. The downside is that because you do not have control over this, you will not actually improve much for website speed when you need it, but in the situation that it is “okay to use it”.

With WordPress, you can use any hosting package . So you can learn to choose the most suitable package, based on the intended resources for the website. Hostinger’s web hosting package is not limited, has high speed support right from the lowest package and has more control over Wix’s Premium package.

Moreover, you can speed up more thoroughly for WordPress website. This CMS does not have image optimization and CDN integration available , so you need to add it by installing plugins like WP Smush:

WP Smush

In short, if you take the effort to optimize WordPress, WordPress will be more than Wix in speed. If done well, WordPress will always make sure your site runs fast.

Wix vs WordPress: Security

You should choose a platform that cannot be penetrated, which is the best condition. No one can access without you providing the right, or touching your sensitive data. However, the truth is that there is no 100% internet platform in the world.

What you can do is limit the risk to the lowest level, by choosing a reputable platform in security. In addition, you can increase manual security, with different methods.

Website builder platforms like Wix are usually secure, because:

  1. Users cannot touch the main function of the source code, so the security weaknesses will be less.
  2. These platforms are updated automatically, so you won’t use an outdated software that contains detected security holes.

But of course does not mean that Wix is ​​perfect on the security side. In the past it was also affected by security holes . However, this is not a common case, so Wix is ​​still considered a high safety platform.

With WordPress, the situation is a bit more complicated. Because this platform is the most used on the web, it is an object that most hackers like to touch. Because just finding a small security hole can cause hackers to attack millions of sites.

But in fact, WordPress itself is very safe . If you take some small precautions, it is always safe to update the site , plugins, themes whenever possible. WordPress and the WordPress user community often publish patches to counter the latest threats.

Moreover, you can also install advanced security plugins and configurations . This is also much more secure for websites. So, like speed, you can secure the site to prevent hackers, spammer, yes yes.

When it comes to security, we think both Wix and WordPress get along. Both are basically very safe. Wix has the advantage of being a closed system so you don’t need to worry about security and passively depend on Wix’s technical team. WordPress can be strong in a system that can add security features at any time, but you need to give up the research and configuration a bit.

Wix vs WordPress: Customizable capabilities

Finally, no matter what platform you choose, you need to choose a platform that can help you build your website as you want. The more options you have for customizing the website, the more opportunities you have to handle any project. This is very important.

Even if you just want to build a simple website, we also recommend that you open the possibility of scalability. As you know, your website can grow to the point where you need more resources and other features. You even need to open an online store on the website, open a forum or product introduction page.

Wix is ​​not a dream in this regard. It integrates many functions into websites such as comments, forums, live chat and online stores:

wix application

This site builder supports you to customize the style a lot, like themes and other design tools are easily found here.

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What about WordPress? We can confidently affirm that WordPress has never had competitors when talking about features. This platform has thousands of plugins and themes . These tools can help you change the website’s design and functionality thoroughly. You can create almost every type of website you can think of, with all the functions available:

Wordpress plugin

And even better, most of the best WordPress plugins are free. You can install additional functions with a limited budget, very good, right?

Finally, remember that WordPress is an open source platform. So, in theory, you can tailor its source code and manually add functions if you want. If you have experience in web programming or are not afraid to learn the instructions on the web, you can create your own WordPress website that is much stronger than Wix.

For the above reasons, we think that the obvious victory belongs to Wix. Before finishing, we will summarize the whole article to know what are the advantages of Wix and WordPress.

Advantages of Wix

Many people think Wix is ​​a platform for beginners. But now it has grown and become stronger thanks to the following advantages:

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Designed to help create compelling websites with website creation using a convenient interface.
  • Automatic security and optimal performance.
  • The platform has integrated applications from 3rd parties and supports good customization.

When comparing WordPress vs Wix, we recommend using Wix if you need to quickly create a website without much management. If you are new to web creation and have a simple small project in mind, then Wix is ​​a good choice.

Advantages of WordPress

There is a reason why WordPress is the largest CMS on the planet. The reasons for WordPress’s superiority are:

  • An easy-to-use platform for newbies, but also supports many features for experienced programmers.
  • The platform is infinitely scalable, thanks to its open source nature and a huge variety of themes and plugins.
  • There are many options for managing large amounts of content.
  • You have full control over security, performance and hosting features.

So it is hard to compare between WordPress vs Wix because basically they use different infrastructure. However, now you have enough information to make a choice.

There is nothing to paper when WordPress can take more effort to start using. However, the user experience will be more preferable because of the stronger support of tools and scalability, not to mention it is also very friendly with new people. If you will spend some time researching and doing it yourself, you will surely be far away from WordPress. Because this platform can build every website you want.


Creating a website will of course take effort, but if you choose a suitable platform, this process will be more interesting than you think. Wix , help you create websites quickly, thanks to its powerful and intuitive page builder tool. But, you will have trouble using it for a high-end or special feature project. Therefore, research using WordPress will be better because surely your effort is not much compared to what you create in the future.

What do you think about this battle between Wix vs WordPress? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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