Choosing hosting for WordPress? Currently on the market there are many types of hosting which must include as Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and Hosting Java, so should use WordPress Hosting?

Hello everyone, today breakfast customers website design hosting Jam has purchased but can not run for WordPress, some functions are disabled and some defects occur, so you should choose hosting how to run perfectly is WordPress?

Webhosting và domain ( minh họa )

Webhosting and Domain (illustrated)

Currently on the market there are three common types of web hosting, which must mention are:

Hosting Windows

is hosting runs on a server operating system is Windows, it also supports PHP however it must run through an expanded Class, it will run is not good for its specialist or the source ASP.NET support Windows Server OS support!

Hosting Linux

is hosting runs on Linux CentOS or Ubuntu or RedHat like, this operating system also supports ASP.Net and Windows source code, but it is very bad with PHP source code.

Hosting Java

Support for running Java source code, also supports PHP source code

And many other hosting types support different source such as Tomcat, Python … but we should choose the best hosting for WordPress?

WordPress is written in PHP source code so you would choose Linux Hosting for all source code running PHP, WordPress, too!

Second, you should choose hosting that supports running open source packages such as WordPress Hosting Hosting Joomla or because many hosting support PHP but safe_mode turned more difficult to hack, but turned off the function that code open source support!

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Third, the experience of the original Jam hosting package that you buy low capacity before, about 100Mb also, in the process of development if used up, the new upgrade, there are a lot of small websites tiny but terrible run hosting packages are wasting resources!

I wish you success!

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