Hello everyone, today there are many who choose to work on developing Profile blog instead Fanpage , and maybe they have but little more user Fanpage Profile, why?

Social networking is very important for bloggers, we help blog owners to connect with their readers a more sustainable way, readers also want to track your favorite bloggers through social networks convenient both ways, instead of having the website to read!

Fanpage vs Facebook Profile

vs Facebook Fanpage Profile

Facebook’s new algorithm has made an impression opportunity and Fanpage link users appear less than on the user’s Newfeed, inexplicably but I see very little when the news appeared on the Fanpage’s Profile my friends unless I share it again rather not see!

So why is that? Are they nothing more points? We should choose the activities on your personal profile Fanpage?


Fanpage lets you advertise anything including website links, postings on the Fanpage Fanpage and that, in general you can spend money on the Fanpage ga!

personal profile is not advertising, but personal profile has more advantages, it is the chance to show your friends’ feeds on extremely easily, interact quite well, while the poorer Fanpage!

But, not like that Fanpage does not have its value, you can keep track of information access and act on constant updates, such as likes, read, cover , generally with the parameters Marketing is extremely important!

Like Fanpage unlimited users, but Facebook Profile restrict your 1000, such activities will be limited on the profile greatly, but Facebook does allow users to track profile someone when they can not make friends, so Profile fact there were not many limits!

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blogger should choose?

I, I personally selected Profile is the place to make friends and is a great place to make hits, while Thach Pham then select works on Fanpage, meanwhile Khuye Tran then select works on personal profile, fanpage he stopped running, perhaps because of inconvenience between the management of personal profile fanpage and I also have the feeling between them how messy reviews!

Ninh Don works on both the profile and Fanpage, and Bui Trung Hieu operates primarily on personal profile, with Kim Ngoc Cu is being molded disappeared, do not know where other activities!

Whether Fanpage bloggers, but I personally think that profile is always cared and post more frequently, many were left open Fanpage including Jam ?

More tips seo Fanpage!

about you, and you choose to work on Profile or on the Fanpage?

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