for blog name, then the domain name for your blog, do not go into the footsteps of many, but you also so, of course, input a new time blogging, then one would expect at this, but you should read my article sooner!

If you do not define blogging to anything, or you set up to practice, the following articles are not important to you, but if you want to make money on a blog or personal brand development, save reviews carefully!

Nếu viết blog để kiếm tiền, chuyện sẽ không đơn giản nữa

If blogging to make money, things will not be easy anymore

very important names

your real name does not matter, because his parents are laid out so it goes on like that, so my name, called childhood so called big stars, just to distinguish the neighbor boy, but the name of the blog is different whether you considered laying blog is your son!

The name of the blog to help others recognize you, I get blogs Jam eg Vietnam, ebony cat blog, blog Thach Pham, Tran Khue Blog, blog Minh Trang!

Many of you took the very aesthetic shines as the blog name “loner” or “wanderer” or even “What I wear”, you may also want to insert the keywords in the blog name, do not do so if you want a professional, even if SPAM or for other purposes, may be optional!

Imagine, you are well known to the VTV to interview, host to clearly read “Welcome him NOT BLACK TOOTH bloggers to the program tonight,” Mama!

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should be simple

As simple as possible, according to what I should put it dear, but no banana read it, do not like flying fish blog or blog Add again, bananas both chambers!

For example, the two syllables blog is easy to remember, such as Tran Ha, Tam Vietnamese blogger, blogger Hoang Anh, very loving, right? As short as catchy!

Strange also be

It is strange but it is polite to mention, and unique to pronounce, not to exceed two syllables, for example, Vietnam is the name Jam quite pretty (take a selfie) with compound names nickname and Vietnam to for foreign assistance and to blogger!

Strange but do not stand up to the hard to remember, remember that! You can use the nickname to the blog name!

domain name

The domain name you should choose a name and then dot com blog, marking the best definition, not a decent domain name a decent blog, read awful hard to remember!

And finally, I still do not like to interact with the blog a few names he is “social networking Hanoi” or “stand-up Bangladesh” something, by the name it really did not matter what to grow, not to mention it “iS nOT tHE nAME” to exchanges, I have to remember to add “Well, it is the marketing guy x ceiling, it had a blog is”

I wish you success!

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