Chien Lien Quan right on Facebook without worrying about parents finding out

If I had to name the games that attracted the most players in the past year, surely the name Lien Quan mobile would occupy an objective position in the rankings. Now, you can fully experience the lite version of Lien Quan mobile game with friends right on Facebook with just 4 basic steps without fear of parents discovering the game application on the device.

Let’s learn with Sforum how to play Lien Quan mobile lite version right on Facebook in this article.

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How to play Lien Quan mobile right in the Facebook app

Step 1: You access the application Facebook on the device or go to Facebook’s homepage website and log in to your personal account.

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Step 2: At the main interface of Facebook, you access the page interface Menu by clicking three dashes icon to the right of the widget bar. Then you click on the item Gaming to access the built-in game store on Facebook.

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Step 3: Here, on the top suggestion bar, you tap Play to access this game store.

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Step 4: In the built-in game store, you can completely see the game Arena of Valor / Arena of Valor right on the main interface. You just need to click and play the game right away.


If you don’t see the game title Arena of Valor / Arena of Valor On the main interface, you just need to click on the search icon in the upper right corner of the screen and search for the game name.


As I personally feel, this reduced version helps you to benefit from not having to download game resources to your device, avoid being scolded or annoyed by parents, quickly access the game anywhere, play Quick win with a game time of only 3 to 5 minutes,… But, besides the above advantages, the experience of the game is quite limited compared to the original version, the most noticeable difference is that The map, the towers and the jungle monsters are more compact, with fewer toys. At the same time, the biggest difference and inconvenience is that you can only play the game with your friends on Facebook without being able to freely play with your friends through other forms of access like on the real Game application.


What are you waiting for without engaging your friends on Facebook to fight the game and create close relationships through the battlefield of Lien Quan mobile lite right now. Wish you have fun gaming experiences with your teammates with the lite version of Lien Quan mobile right on the Facebook app.

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