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This is very easy to carry food, natural acidity from leaves stretch bar will alter the taste, feel or effect the heat very effectively.

lau ga 2 Nóng hổi lẩu gà lá giang


– chicken: 1 child
– Jiang: 250g
– Onions: ½ tubers
– Fresh Bun: 1kg
– Corn bananas, spinach cells: 30g
– coriander: 5 Card
– minced garlic, chilli and chopped
– salt, sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil


– Chicken salt rub, washed, cut 2cm pieces, marinate with salt 1m, 1m 1m MSG and sugar, to infiltration.

– Onions cut his nose. Chopped coriander. Banana, spinach washed cells, drain.


– Non-aromatic garlic, lemongrass, chopped peppers, fried chicken for hunting, empty aside.

– boil 2 liters of water, simmer and cook chicken for about 15 minutes, skimming, cook the chicken cooked, crumpled leaves stretch into a saucepan, season road 2M, 1.5M sauce, salt and 1m 1M MSG.


– Before eating the onion and coriander in a pot. Shared with noodles, spinach, banana cells and salty sauce.

Small Tip

crumpled leaves stretch to take all leaves a sour taste in water, that he may not chat. Do not cook in aluminum foil stretch because acid can corrode aluminum, which can cause food poisoning.

300x250 Nóng hổi lẩu gà lá giang

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