This widget will change the Blogger’s title tag to help amplify relevant keywords to your blog which improve the search engine ranking of your blog.

This is written for Blogger’s Beta version and so it only works in Beta. If you’re looking for the classic version, please visitTech.Life.Blogged or Blogtimize!.

How does it work?

By default, your Blogger’s title on the top left displays your blog title, and if it’s in the items page, it’ll include your post title as well.
e.g. Widget-based XML: Changing the Blogger Title Tag

It works the same way for labels and archives pages.


Find the following codes, near the top of your template:


Replace with the following code:



The trick is rather simple for the older Blogger version, but it’s nearly impossible with Blogger beta without risking a little XHTML validation. This widget works well but it’s only limited to items page. Meaning it’ll go back to Blogger default in index, labels and archives pages.

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