Sometimes an error can make your  WordPress admin area  inaccessible. In that case, you will not be able to change the topic using the above method.

To restore your site, you need to  restore it from a backup  or you can  fix the WordPress error that is  causing the problem.

However, if you do not have a backup, you can change the topic manually with the help of phpMyAdmin.

change wordpress theme with phpmyadmin

This method allows you to tell WordPress which topic to use by changing the information in the database.

First, you need to connect to your website  using an FTP client or manage the directory on the host  and access the / wp-content / Themes / directory.

install themes with cpanel fpt

Here you will be able to see all the topics currently installed on your site. You can also  install a WordPress theme by downloading a theme folder  if you don’t see it.

Next, you need to write down the folder name of the topic you want to use as you will need it later.

After that, you need access to  cPanel  of your  WordPress hosting  account. On this page, you will have to scroll down to the Database section and then click on  phpMyAdmin  .

Open phpmyadmin in cpanel

When you are in phpMyAdmin, you will see a list of databases on the left of the screen. Just click on the database you are using for your WordPress site.

Select the option table in csdl

Next, it will show you the list of tables in this database. You need to click on the online wp_options board to open it.

Note  : By default, WordPress uses  wp_  as the prefix for the table name. However, there may be  different database prefixes  , as shown in the image above.

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Now you need to locate the template and stylesheet rows  on the right table as shown below.

Next, click on the Edit link   to open the editor.

Here, you need to change the value in the option_value field to the subject  name you want to use. It is usually the same as the folder name in the / wp-content / Themes / folder that you copied earlier.

change topic directory name

Once you’re done, click the  Go  button to save the changes. Next, go ahead and repeat the same process for the stylesheet .

After making changes to both rows, you can visit your website to see the new thread in action.

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