India arrested 4 people in Ponzi cryptocurrency case

Larry Harmon – CEO of Bitcoin media channel Coin Ninja and founder of cryptocurrency wallet DropBit, is facing federal allegations due to the use of secret Bitcoin tools to launder money.

US federal prosecutors are accusing Harmon of plotting to launder money and operate a money transfer company without a FinCEN license.

Follow arrest warrant submitted earlier this month, between 2014 and 2017, Harmon is said to have laundered more than 354,468 Bitcoin (worth $ 311 million at the time and $ 3.7 billion at this time). via a secret service called Helix, and a darknet search engine called Grams, to make transactions on AlphaBay – a famous black market that stopped working in 2017.

Helix allows users to shuffle coins before spending through the CoinJoin transaction. Coin shuffle is related to money laundering and other illegal activities.

Harmon is facing a 30-year sentence for these offenses.

Harmon declined the guarantee

Journalist and screenwriter Peter McCormack has talk with Harmon's brother Gary Harmon, who said Coin Ninja's assets were frozen and the FBI removed $ 4,000 Bitcoin from the Lightning Network node.

According to McGormack, Harmon's request for bail was rejected because authorities said he was in danger of leaving, “even if they confiscated all his assets.”

DropBit has attracted the attention of Bitcoin players, especially because it allows users to send BTC online and via the Lightning Network using Twitter handles or phone numbers. Because the DropBit fund is freezing, Gary Harmon and other developers are paying out of pocket for wallet operations, according to McCormack.

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