CCleaner: The “national” software cleans and speeds up the computer

CCleaner is the number one tool for cleaning your PC. It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure!

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What’s new in CCleaner 6.0?

Piriform has released CCleaner 6.0. The new version is available as a feature-limited free version and a pro version.

The main additional feature of CCleaner 6.0 is a new tool called Performance Optimizer. It is designed to improve PC performance in a number of ways. When enabled, Performance Optimizer checks the system for programs that don’t need to be running in the background. When found, these programs are put to sleep so that they use less system resources when they are in state.

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ccleaner performance optimizer explanation

When programs need to be reused, e.g. when the user brings them to the front, sleep is automatically terminated by the Performance Optimizer.

A quick scan returns a list of programs sorted by how much they affect your PC’s performance according to CCleaner’s algorithm. Three performance levels distinguish the impact of a program on the PC’s performance.

On the test system, 16 programs were identified by the Performance Optimizer. Three of them, VMWare Player, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Office 2021, are listed as having a major impact on performance. The remaining 13 programs, among them Microsoft Edge Canary, VeraCrypt, KeePass or some browser updater, are listed as low impact.

Programs are not closed when they are put to sleep according to Piriform. Performance Optimizer stops a program from running in the background while it is in sleep mode; This saves PC resources.

A single click on the program displays detailed information, including a list of processes, services or tasks that have been identified by CCleaner.

Performance Optimizer disables “all startup items, background tasks, scheduled tasks, and services” when a program is put to sleep.

Programs put to sleep respond immediately to user activity. Shortcuts, for the PicPick screenshot tool, still work as they should, while the program is put to sleep.

CCleaner 6.0
It is not clear if all programs are capable of working properly while in sleep mode. Some of the programs listed work on their own without user interaction; this is the case for all browser updates, e.g. Mozilla Maintenance Service or Google Update, but could also be the case for Microsoft OneDrive, depending on how it is used.

Piriform highlighted Performance Optimizer’s improvements in a blog post on the official website. The company ran benchmark tests using PCMark to highlight the performance hit when using the Performance Optimizer.

The PC Mark score increased from 2660 to 3326, boot time from 33 seconds to 14 seconds, and battery life from 2 hours 35 minutes to 3 hours 21 minutes on some test systems. Independent tests are required for verification.

However, it is clear that disabling startup items, scheduled tasks and the like, will have an impact on the system’s performance. Startup will be faster and the PC will use less RAM and other resources while it is running.

CCleaner Performance Optimizer looks like a useful tool to speed up slow PCs. While some of these can be achieved through other means, such as by disabling the autostart feature of certain applications, the promise that programs remain accessible as before will give Performance Optimizer an edge over many of these manual options or competing programs.

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a product of Piriform company, the father of a series of familiar software such as Speccy (checking computer configuration), Recuva (recovering computer data), Defraggler (defragmenting the drive), …

Although it is a foreign product, CCleaner is considered one of the must-have “national” software on Windows and Mac computers because of its easy-to-use features, powerful features, and Vietnamese language support.

CCleaner was once considered harmful software for Windows by Microsoft, but this problem has been resolved so you can use it with peace of mind. CCleaner now compared to before, is more and more massive by integrating more features such as checking the computer’s health and providing solutions, checking and updating drivers, automatically cleaning the computer, …

CCleaner includes three versions: Free (free, basic cleaning feature but just enough), Professional (paid, includes many advanced features), Professional Plus (paid, includes Pro features and 3 additional features of defragmentation, file recovery, computer configuration check).

How to use CCleaner:

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If you are a newcomer to CCleaner, you will not have any difficulty, the software allows users to clean up PC junk right from the system trash or into the interface to do it. In this article, Digital Experience will walk through the features in CCleaner.

First, you enter this to download the Free version of CCleaner and install it normally on your Windows machine. For Mac users, go to this to download. During the installation process, CCleaner may suggest you to install the CCleaner Browser so you should pay attention. In addition, you should set up Vietnamese to make it easier to use.

CCleaner 1The interface uses CCleaner intuitive, it displays the computer’s configuration information at the bottom edge of the link to check for updates. Now, we go through the features of CCleaner.

1. Health Check:

The first feature, helps to check the health status of the computer. Specifically, CCleaner will scan and find the causes of slow machines, security impacts and suggested solutions.

– You click Start.

CCleaner 2– CCleaner will ask to turn off some programs to serve the test, you just agree.

CCleaner 3– After checking, CCleaner will display problems related to: Privacy, Storage, Acceleration, Security.

CCleaner 4You click to see detailed information, where there is a word Pro like Acceleration, it allows turning off certain programs to improve computer performance.

CCleaner 5To resolve the problems that CCleaner detects, click Make your computer run faster.

CCleaner 62. Custom cleanup:

This is the main feature of CCleaner, you can clear the internet cache of many browsers, cookies, browsing history, temporary files, etc.

CCleaner 7In this section there are two tabs: Windows and Applications. You look through and tick the components you want to clean. To be sure, you can click the Analyze button to see the junk file components that CCleaner finds.

CCleaner 8Or you click Run CCleaner to clean up immediately after analysis. You can right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop > select Run CCleaner to clean up.

3. Driver Update:

This is an advanced feature for Professional users. But you can use it to check which drivers on your computer are out of date, if you want to update via CCleaner, you must upgrade.

CCleaner 9You click Start and press the blue button until Scan your driver to perform the check. Once the scan is complete, you will see outdated drivers in the Drivers needing update tab.

CCleaner 10The drivers are organized by category such as sound, connection, memory, system, etc., making it easier to find the driver you suspect is the cause of your computer’s failure.

4. Registry:

Another useful feature of CCleaner, it helps to find and clean old registry keys that are no longer used during software removal and can make the computer run faster after cleaning.

CCleaner 11First, you look in the column on the left to select the element you want to check and delete. The default is to select all. Then you click Scan for problems.

CCleaner 12After the search is complete, you can clean up the detected registry keys, but if you want to remove no registry, do it first. You click Review selected problem, CCleaner asks if you want to back up the registry before doing so, you should choose Yes. After that, CCleaner will do its cleaning.

5. Tools:

In this section there are many other useful features, specifically.

– Uninstall: You can uninstall software, UWP applications.

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CCleaner 13– Software updates: Check for and install updates (Pro only).

CCleaner 14– Start-up: You can pause, delete processes and services that start with Windows. In particular, thanks to this feature, the writer can delete the option in the right-click menu that remains when uninstalling a software. You go to the context menu tab to do it.

CCleaner 15Browser plugin: You can disable and delete plugins and extensions on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera browsers.

CCleaner 16Disk analysis: Check large files on one or all drives.

CCleaner 17– Find duplicate files: You can check and delete duplicate files to reclaim disk space.

CCleaner 18– System recovery: Where you can review system restore points and delete them.

CCleaner 19– Wipe the drive: You can quickly delete all data on the drives when you need to sell the device.

CCleaner 206. Options:

Includes basic and advanced settings.

– Setting: You can change the interface language, toggle the option to run CCleaner on the Recycle Bin right-click menu, etc.

CCleaner 21– Cookies: You can choose which cookies on your browser and Flash plugin are kept during cleanup.

CCleaner 22– Consists of: You can use this feature to delete stubborn files and folders (Pro users only).

CCleaner 23– To exclude, to expel: You can add files, folders and registry that you don’t want to delete during cleanup (Pro users only).

CCleaner 24– Schedule: Set to clean your computer automatically at the selected time (Pro users only).

CCleaner 25– Smart cleaning: CCleaner will automatically scan and clean when eligible (Pro users only).

CCleaner 26– User: You can manage accounts using CCleaner.

CCleaner 27– Updates: You should let CCleaner automatically update and notify when an update is available.

CCleaner 28– Advanced: You can have your computer shut down automatically after a custom clean, delete files in the trash after 24 hours, reset settings, and more.

CCleaner 29– Privacy: When used, CCleaner will send data to the server to help improve the software better. If you don’t want it, you can turn it off.

CCleaner 30Hopefully, this introductory article will help you to be less surprised, especially when using this computer cleaning tool for the first time.

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