Today I read the article guy cu do seo Case Study of Jam, from forests it calls My Case Study asked him what that ? Oh pit back to his blog to share for everyone to study offline!

Case study is what belongs to the situation, the circumstances, the real work in practice, which can apply the theoretical knowledge to analyze, understand, dissect the problem. In other words, case study practical examples for learning more effective.

case study

Thus, Case Study can be any topic What, for example, it established a research case study of the reaction of aromatic daughter after being stolen, thereby infer about a reaction such chemical in the brain, such as case study for what happens in practice, which can be applied to draw lessons!

Most related to his field as SEO Case Study, or Marketing Case Study!


Many of the theory is far from reality, so people need to prove the theory correct, or simply to test, in the Case Study people usually follow a certain theoretical motifs to lead stock it right or wrong, the case study research is very important!

It can help confirm a theory that, I also write articles Case study on clean backlink to your keywords, through real situations that happened that I draw the conclusion that “easy to tag and up long after doing so “

Case Study is a super cool way to learn, it helps you relate to the actual incident occurred were recorded easier to understand!

Just to Google and type in more letters Case Study in early keywords you want to search the whole mess is going out!

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I wish you success!

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