Currently, there are many financial companies. Making it difficult for many customers to know which company to choose to borrow money. Recently, Duy Dam received many questions from readers about how to borrow money at Vamo. Many of you are interested in: What is Vamo? Is Vamo a scam? How to borrow money at Vamo? Does Vamo belong to a reputable company?

To help you answer the above questions. Today, I would like to have a review on the Vamo mortgage loan company.

What is Vamo? Which company is Vamo?What is vamo

Vamo Company Limited Using online lending technology platform to connect borrowers and investors, facilitating loan processes smoothly. We do not act as an investor or a lender with a simple, fast disbursement procedure.

Coming to Vamo, you will be able to borrow from 1 million to 10 million VND with a very simple and quick procedure. Registration after 15 minutes will be disbursed immediately via bank card.

Vamo currently allows borrowing nationwide. So you can easily borrow money if you need to.

Is Vamo a scam?

Currently there is a lot of information security The fraudulent Vamo company. But in my opinion this is not true information. Because there is no reason for them to deceive borrowers. You know, taking out a loan in the form of a mortgage is often risky. And the biggest risk place is the money lender. When they lend to customers, they do not ask their customers to mortgage any assets. They rely on the reputation of their customers. When a customer proves that he or she is able to pay monthly interest, he or she is willing to lend you money.

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Thus, with less commitment to the borrower, financial companies often bear greater risks. Because they are afraid customers will not be able to repay their debts. If customers flee, then they will lose that loan.

Advantages and disadvantages when registering for a loan at VamoBorrow money at Vamo


  • Loans from 1-10 million quickly with just a few online registration steps. Receive money during the day.
  • The information about the loan is always transparent and clear so that customers can easily access the loan.
  • 100% is an online loan without meeting, this is a very good advantage that Vamo is offering.

  • Get loans and pay fast, easy via bank card.


  • Only borrow up to 1.5 million VND for customers who register for a loan at Vamo for the first time. If you borrow again, you will be able to borrow up to 10 million.
  • The maximum loan term is only 30 days and a minimum of 7 days.

Instructions for registering a loan at Vamo

To borrow money at Vamo, you need to follow 2 steps as follows:

Step 1: Click on the link below to go to the Vamo home page.

Step 2: See instructions in the video to follow.

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Customer reviews when borrowing money at Vamo

Heroes in Da Nang share when borrowing money at Vamodeceptive vamo

I have borrowed money from Vamo twice. The first time I only borrowed 1.5 million. After I finished the first loan. Because I have a need, I borrow the second time. This time, I borrow 10 million. In general the procedure is quite fast. Only register completely online. Upload 2-sided photo ID then fill out the information. After 30 minutes, the loan was transferred to my bank account. Although interest rates are a bit high, with quick mortgage lending I am quite satisfied.

Ms. Lan Phuong of Hue shared:loan vamo

I have never borrowed online before. So when deciding to borrow money at Vamo I was quite bitter. Do not know it reputable, have not fooled me? Read through some reviews about Vamo financial company. Seeing company is also reputable. I urgently needed a small amount of money to send to my mother, so I decided to borrow it. About the loan procedure is very simple, just fill in the necessary information. Upload Cmnd and wait for confirmation. I received the loan only after one hour of registration. In general, the loan procedure is very good but the loan is too low. Only 10 million. With quite high interest. I hope the company reduces interest rates, it will have more borrowers.

Mr. Hung Thanh from Thanh Hoa shares:deceptive vamo

I am a security guard in Thanh Hoa city. Last Tet. Because the company has not yet settled the amount, I cannot afford to send it to my wife to spend Tet. Secret too I had to borrow unsecured loans on Vamo. I have borrowed money on Vamo 3 or 4 times already. This time I borrow 10 million. I thought the company did not lend. But luckily, after registering, I still accepted the loan from the company. I borrowed for 2 weeks so the loan interest was lower than the one month loan. Through many loans at Vamo, I have the following assessment: The loan procedure is quick, easy to borrow. Quick disbursement for customers. The company does not require any paperwork, just upload it on both sides of your ID card. But the biggest drawback is that the loan period is only 1 month. Interest rates are quite high.

Above are the customer reviews when applying for a loan at Vamo. If you want to borrow a small amount of money and can afford to pay it within 1 month then the choice of Vamo is necessary. Register for a loan date using the link below.

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Customer support

When you apply for a loan, what problem do you need to support? You can contact us via hotline: 1900 6334 82, E-mail: or Vamo fanpage:

If you need further assistance, please leave your information in the comment box below this article. I will support you immediately.


Above is the article What is Vamo? Is Vamo a scam? How to borrow money at Vamo? In this article, I have provided all necessary information to help you successfully apply for a loan.

With a simple loan procedure, you only need to upload 2 sides of ID / CCCD picture to borrow.

Note: Due to the loan period only within 30 days. So, before signing up for a loan, you have to see if you can repay the debt.

Good luck!


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