According to you, the cancer can not be cured? And in my story, the cancer can be treated, depending on the disease and customized just physical fitness alone!

Since ancient times, just to hear about the possible cancer identified that did not survive, but a growing number of men rumored remedies can cure cancer, as well as the methods of modern medicine still curable, but it depends on the case!

Thôi ... xong !

Yesterday I had into his house you play, accidentally saw his father told stories of cancer, sounding very depressed spirit, I look at it he asked to talk about his prostate cancer Listing!

I loudly sounded interesting (but really that is pretending to be the main) and told him: Oh so where this disease is not dead dear uncle, as he enjoyed saying “no cure eh son? “

I immediately applied the next “vaguely heard that storytelling villages” that it is:

“What is this disease every 100 he had several dozen, he was just early detection, early intervention is off, this disease is not a threat to life unless it’s on to the shelves”

He was very glad that that doctor also told not to save in difficult, but treatment needs to go as soon as possible, I found myself on the bridge, only suggestive means encouraging him every few design for fun, I went online to find out they have found some way to cure cancer, there are people who have cured!


Many advances have been made in cancer treatment, but the removal of a malignant tumor surgery is still the therapy “cured” mainly for the majority of solid tumors.

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During radiation therapy, a beam of radiation is directed at the location of the tumor. Location of the tumor was bombarded by radiation during a few minutes in a series of treatments, usually lasts continuously for several weeks. The goal is destroying the DNA of tumor cells, destroying them when they are trying to produce, while causing minimal damage to the normal tissue around them.


Chemotherapy involves the use of anti-cancer drugs, and like radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells by damaging their DNA.

Patients receiving chemotherapy drugs by mouth or intravenously. Depending on the type, location and stage of the cancer, the patient may be treated weekly or monthly. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment affects all fast-growing cells. This includes tumor cells and normal cells in the hair follicle cells and the gastrointestinal tract. This causes side effects such as hair loss and diarrhea are common during chemotherapy.

Combination Therapy

measures Sometimes surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be combined to better treat a specific cancer. For example, radiation can be used prior to shrink the tumor, making it easier for doctors to surgically remove it. Or, chemotherapy can be used in conjunction with radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells may have been beyond the tumor.

Drugs Male

There are some male medicine can prevent the development of cancer, such as papaya leaves or tree virgin palace but the study did not pinpoint their effect on cancer, there be just a rumor, can we work with each and every state of cancer!

There are currently many people have escaped cancer, thanks to modern science or medicine because of each transmission, however I have also heard of a case like that!

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Above Luc Ngan near my house, there was a big bump and then prepare Teo, both are ready about a burial plot, which today has a Chinese herbalist passed, he was curious to see it abdominal distention seen already, well not go back after the pulse and eye, he told curable, where no death!

He healers wandering around the mountains took on a lot of trees, then told him the other excellent drink, after drinking one day, he started shrinking in the country people, abdominal distention and started off relief first, followed 1 week drinking, patients traveling tasty, meals are!

But I did hear the old story telling, in fact, both the physician and the patient he had tèo too old, did not know what remedies, but the truth is that the liver cancer to other could save as well as strange!

wish you happy, then sleep the night!

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