Can Floki Inu surpass Shiba Inu in 2022?

In an exclusive interview, core member of the Floki Inu development team, FallDamage, revealed that they’re working on strengthening the project’s fundamentals so that they can surpass Shiba Inu this year.

FallDamage also revealed the early stages of the project, when the original developer abandoned Floki Inu and the current core team members’ journey to rescue and raise the dog.

Strong growth in 2021

2021 has seen significant growth of Floki Inu (FLOKI) as it crosses the 390,000 hodler threshold. The development team also launched a series of global advertising campaigns, sponsoring eight soccer teams, conducting YouTube advertising campaigns and capturing prominent advertising positions on the US television network including: including CNN, CNBC and Fox News.

Floki Inu

The marketing director said that Floki Inu still aims for strong growth in 2022, with more utilities than Shiba. He also expects the network to attract more holders than Shiba, and the market capitalization will also surpass that of the rival project.

FallDamage explains that Floki Inu’s main focus is on improving and growing the network, rather than trying to outperform other projects. So while Shiba Inu may be a ‘Dogecoin destroyer’, Floki Inu doesn’t refer to himself in similar terms. He highlights important differences between the two projects:

“I think one of the interesting comparisons between Floki and Shiba is that we started the tokenization and created the contract with the development idea in mind, while also making sure we had enough funding for that development. As far as I know, Shiba Inu doesn’t really have a marketing or development budget. Most of the funding comes from whales contributing to the project. They depend on people’s money, while our project has its own budget because we planned it from the beginning.”

Deploying Valhalla

An interesting element of Floki Inu is ‘Valhalla’, the GameFi metaverse environment, which promises to pay users FLOKI rewards. As FallDamage explains, much of the recent work at Floki Inu has been focused on developing Valhalla and figuring out exactly how to make it happen.

“We are working on a metaverse game and so it will take some time to perfect and roll out, so we are setting a budget. Over the past three weeks, marketing has been slower as we’re trying to make sure the project has amassed enough budget before spending more on marketing.”

The project also faced many challenges on the way to creating real utilities, with a small team of core members often shouldering many tasks in the project. They also have to make time for their main job and family life. FallDamage spends about 20-30 hours on the project each week, down from more than 40 hours to spend more time with family.

The marketing expert has not given an exact date when Valhalla can be deployed, however, the game could ‘launch’ as ​​early as Q1 2022.

Challenging development journey

One aspect of Floki Inu that FallDamage was keen to discuss was the birth of the project and how the original developer wasn’t completely honest with the community.

“The original developer gave us a hard time. He made more money than advertised, but didn’t use any of it to launch a marketing campaign. The project is minting tokens at an unprecedented rate.

At the time of V2 launch (version 2), Floki Inu had 7x more tokens than at the time of V1 launch. So the market started to fall into a state of strong inflation, instead of deflation. We asked the original developer to fix this inflation problem and make sure that the money he earns is actually being used for marketing. However, after a few negotiations, he disappeared.”

Despite the challenges of starting Floki Inu, the project has now formed a core development team determined to bring the project to success. It will be interesting to follow the path of Floki Inu in 2022.

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