Mark Zuckerberg talked about Facebook's 2020 vision for the Silicon Slopes Technology Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. He believes that the company will support its principles, regardless of whether it 'provokes' a large number of people. Can this position change the way people view Libra?

Specifically, Zuckerberg said Strong coding and free speech are at the heart of the new direction. Both of these aspects were hotly debated, with Facebook becoming a negative focus by the end of 2019 because of its decision to allow politicians to publish false information in paid social advertising. mine. Much of the debate revolves around whether Facebook should verify the accuracy of stories before allowing ads to run.

However, Zuckerberg persevered with his decision. Instead, the company will only allow free speech without verification for advertisers. The change will likely create a series of political waves, but Zuckerberg does not seem to care.

What about Libra?

Libra seems to be a step forward for the “people” against the imposition. However, the political collapse could negatively impact Zuckerberg's opportunities.

The international payment platform, a centralized stablecoin built into Facebook, has faced strict scrutiny by legislators. Many have called for complete opposition to it, citing the risk of money laundering and terrorism.

Zuckerberg has sought to seek the potential approval of decision makers from Congress. However, this new direction of transparency and confirmation of news can also ruin that process.

Facebook's 'First Principle' approach can support Libra

Difficulties piling up difficulties

Along with the announcement, Zuckerberg put himself in a binding spiral. For Libra to receive support from governments, the most important factor is transparency. Without transparency, very few governments agree to approve.

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However, transparency on the platform requires the CEO to restrict secure encryption and freedom of speech. Both are against the original Facebook intent.

It is still uncertain whether the CEO will continue to accompany the project. However, those who dislike Libra point out that centralized issues are the reason Bitcoin is the future of digital money.

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