Charge your iPhone 4s battery properly

For each mobile device, the battery is always the most widely used factor when buying a device. Therefore, the issue of battery charging is also always paid special attention by consumers. Today’s article will show you how to properly charge your iPhone 4s battery.

What is the correct way to charge the iPhone 4s battery?

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Because of the increasing demand for mobile phones, the demand for battery quality also increases accordingly. From calling, texting to playing Sport or going online to search for information, all require the iPhone’s battery to be taken care of very carefully. That’s why consumers need to pay attention to the charging process for the device. Here are specific notes for consumers to know.

1.For new iPhone 4s

When you first buy the device, these first charges will determine the fate of the device’s battery life. That may seem like an exaggeration, but in fact the first steps always play an important role. Consumers need to charge iPhone 4s for 8 hours in the first 3 uses. As for the subsequent charging, you just need to pay attention to charging the battery continuously until the battery is full, avoiding interruptions during charging, so it is easy to damage the battery.

2.For used iPhone 4s

It’s not just the newly purchased devices that are carefully taken care of, “people are durable” you have to pay attention to ensure the correct charging to be able to keep the device running well.

Can’t charge and use the device at the same time

What is the correct way to charge the iPhone 4s battery?

Using the device while charging is very dangerous

For all phones, not just the iPhone, this principle should be ensured. Because if you do 2 things at the same time, it will not guarantee the battery charging performance. The battery will take longer to full, quickly bottle, using the device while it is charging causes the device to heat up, the battery is easy to swell, more dangerous than interacting with the life of the consumer if not charging has a problem. Therefore, the first rule that needs to be widely used is, fully charged the battery to use the device.

Do not charge the battery overnight

With only the first 3 charges charging in 8 hours, you can leave it to charge overnight for the allotted time, however, that is no longer true for later charges. Because on average, it only takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes for the iPhone 4s to be fully charged, if you plug in the charger all night, the battery will be bottle, the charger is easy to heat and not work well anymore. In some cases, the machine can explode, which is very dangerous for users.

Do not charge via computer cable

What is the correct way to charge the iPhone 4s battery?

Should use charger to charge the device directly

Every iPhone device is equipped with a brand-name charger designed to suit the device. Your use of charging via a computer cable not only makes the charging time longer, but worse, it also affects the quality of the battery and the hardware of the device.

Not to mention, consumers also need to pay attention to tips to get the most out of their batteries while extending their lifespan:

– Turn off the features of the machine suddenly necessary.

-Turn off applications running in the background as this is the main cause of battery consumption.

-Do not let the device hit hard, causing interaction with the battery.

-Use and buy batteries at a trusted address, Apple brand.

Here are some important tips for consumers How to properly charge iPhone 4s battery?. Hope the article can help you protect your device’s battery longer. Wish you happy. Close !

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