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Over the years, the iPhone line has always been an attractive device, owned or desired by many people. This is probably due to the attractive features, high-end equipment, and customization on each device.

Perhaps because it is loved and used by so many people, the product gives way as it becomes popular and counterfeits appear more often. So do you know how to identify real or fake iPhone?

In this article, let’s keep an eye on the 10 simplest signs of identifying fake iPhones. Hello, with these sharing, you have got a closer look at buying a real iPhone product.

How to recognize fake iPhone face through the box

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The first thing I talk about is how to identify real or fake iPhone through the box. You may think it doesn’t make any sense because the counterfeiters will be very clever in making “exactly” the original product. In fact, it must be like that, because Apple products are always perfect, so it is difficult to imitate 100% completely, it is the external and internal feelings that will give you the most authentic answer.

Outside feeling

Actually, this check is also quite easy. Because the real iPhone will always own a beautiful box with an appearance that possesses a certain neatness, sophistication and original seal. Apart from that, the iPhone’s box also possesses a more meticulous design on each side, every little aspect.

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Counterfeit boxes are often not ideal in design, or dented due to the processing of a large quantity as well as the packaging that does not have expertise and care in the packaging of goods. A large part depends on the poor shipping process because the cost is cheaper, the human resources are not enough, and there is no full service like the Apple factory.

Even some box fields, fake boxes will often have a duller, coarser font as well as sloppy printed strokes, not the same measurement…. This is in stark contrast to a genuine box, from the print on the box to the manual, the design is delicate, the letters are regular and clear.

Feeling inside

Not only does the outside feel about the appearance, but the inside feeling also helps you to see the true value of a real or fake iPhone product. First, talking about the real iPhone, when opening the box, the buyer will immediately see the components that come with the iPhone device and the main character are neatly and neatly arranged. At the same time, the accessories will of course also be wrapped very carefully for preservation.

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A different aspect is that Apple concedes like only wrapping products with accessories with a thin layer of glue, plastic to protect the device as well as for consumers to be able to remove it more easily. So make sure not that an iPhone accessory is put in plastic bags, which is a sign of a fake iPhone.

The quality of the real box and the fake box is also very different. You can see if the material is sturdy, solid, the text is detailed… if there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the real product, but if the writing is blurry, the box material is foam, it’s not stiff then Maybe you bought a fake iPhone by mistake.

Check IMEI

In addition to the box appearance, the next easy way to identify fake iPhone faces is to check the imei. Almost all smartphones today have a separate imei number, not just the newly owned iPhone. Therefore, checking imei is also an authentic source of whether you are using a genuine iPhone device or not.

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First, to check the imei, you must own the imei of the device you intend to buy. You can go to the machine introduction, compare the imei number with the imei number recorded on the back of the device with the imei number printed on the box. If indeed these three imei numbers match, then check it with the official Apple net for the actual information of your device.

At that time, you will know whether your device is an Apple product or not? What mannequin and how much capacity. This is also the most authentic and widely used method today.

Try connecting with iTunes

This is the next method I want to say and has high accuracy. For one thing, if the iPhone is fake, it will not be able to work on the iOS operating system platform. Therefore, it will not be able to connect to iTunes.

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That said, this is also one of the best methods for you to link with your iTunes device to know if the device is a real or fake iPhone.

In the case of real goods, then, in the right corner of iTunes, the words iPhone will appear. Pretty simple to recognize right.

Check Activation

One more simple method for you to quickly identify the real or fake iPhone that anyone can do, is to activate the device. Because any product must be activated through the system before it can be put into daily use. And for completely new iPhone products, with the seal intact, using the method to check if it’s real, genuine or not, it’s possible to restore the factory settings.

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At that time, the iPhone device will display the activation interface. At that time, in case the device does not show the activation interface, it is probably a fake iPhone device.

Check contact ID

Next, identifying real or fake iPhone is as simple as testing Contact ID touch. This is a check feature that is quite easy to do and is only available for older iPhone products, with Contact ID support because since iPhone X, Apple has removed this feature, replacing it with Face ID so you cannot spend it. Use it to test. And please note that this application is from Apple, but it also only supports devices from iPhone 5S and above, older applications will not be available.

Contact ID as known is an electronic fingerprint recognition feature, it was released a long time ago by Apple inc and allows consumers to unlock Apple devices easily. Therefore, checking this feature is also one of the aspects that help you distinguish real from fake.

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Checking the Contact ID in addition to use should also closely observe the external appearance, where the Dwelling button has a built-in Contact ID. If the Dwelling button and the glass on the front of the body have a slightly different color, it is a genuine Apple product.

Go to App Retailer

Usually, a fake iPhone product will not be able to work on the iOS operating system platform, so it will definitely not be able to use App Retailer. Because of this, you can find the application on your iPhone to check if the device is real or fake.

A small revelation, is that a fake iPhone device will usually work with the Android platform and use the application contact is CH Play. Please pay attention!

Observe the sensor assembly

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The sensor placed on the screen usually in genuine iPhone devices will have a default design of 2 holes with a circular shape. As for the fake devices, used in the style of Android devices, they will often have many front-facing sensors.

Because of such aspects, it is also very easy to distinguish between fake and genuine goods. And the above is a way for you to check if your iPhone is real or fake.

Test key press

One of the most important things is that you should not forget to check the operation of the keys, it is also an easy sign for you. Next, in the line of genuine devices, each key is designed quite elaborately and meticulously, so it is ideal. So fake devices often will not reach this perfection, that’s how you can identify fake iPhone easily.

Check digital camera

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Digicam of genuine iPhone devices will usually be designed on par with the body and have a metal rim around it. This is also the difference between real iPhone and fake iPhone because it is very easy to identify. Because often, fake iPhone products will often be made of plastic and the glass is not as transparent as the real iPhone.

This is also an easy sign to consider for you to buy yourself a genuine, genuine iPhone device as you want.

Distinguish real iPhone fake by price

One thing everyone knows is that the quality will often equal the price, so a genuine, genuine iPhone device often has a quite high price. So when buying equipment that is too cheap, you should also be vigilant about the quality of the equipment.

When deciding to buy a certain line of equipment, you should also learn a little about the machine, the market price. Do not be too greedy about a product that is too cheap and buy a product of poor quality.

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Perhaps because the iPhone is a high-end device in terms of both equipment and appearance, in fact, the device is always loved, sought after and used a lot. Because of that, the device also appeared many fake products, imitation goods, poor quality goods. To avoid buying the wrong iPhone device, you can refer to the identification signs above, apply for yourself when shopping for a new iPhone or upgrading the device.

Thus, in this article, we have helped bring you detailed and specific methods of identifying real or fake iPhone devices. Hopefully, through the above comparison tips, you will be able to easily buy yourself a high-end, satisfactory iPhone product.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this post. Wished everyone success !

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