Just look at the front and back of the car iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Can you recognize which is 6 and which is 6S or not? Although it is to be arranged, but if you do not pay attention, it is very difficult for users to distinguish. Therefore, customers must definitely read the following notes to distinguish iPhone 6 and 6S more easily.

Distinguish iphone 6 and 6s by appearance

If you take the time to look closely, it is easy to see the letter “S” under the word iPhone located on the back of the device. Moreover, with the change in hardware inside the 6S version, the device has a thicker thickness than its predecessor iPhone 6 to 0.2mm, so you will see the 6S thicker.


Looks quite similar to iPhone 6 and 6S (Source: Web)

In addition, the iPhone 6s gives you the feeling that when holding it will be much more sturdy because the body is made of aluminum, but with aluminum, you will have a cold feeling of metal.

Only iPhone 6s owners can own the pink version

Although the external design has not changed, there is one note that only the iPhone 6s has, which is the pink version, and the 6s Plus also has it. The iPhone 6 version is only available in 3 colors: black, silver and gold (Gold). The pink color on the iPhone 6S is also an attraction that makes iFan “suffering” to spend more to switch to iPhone 6s instead of using iPhone 6.


iPhone 6S with beautiful pink design (Source: Web)

Distinguish 6s from 3D Contact . screen

The biggest upgrade in configuration on the iPhone 6s is equipped with a 3D Contact screen, which distinguishes when you press and hold on an e-mail application or another application, it will display quick actions that allow users to choose. fast. This is a feature only available on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPad Professional. Because other smartphones when long-pressing only have general tasks, bring icons to the screen or view application information.


The biggest upgrade in configuration on iPhone 6s is equipped with 3D Contact screen (Source: Web)

About the iPhone 6s digicam has been upgraded to 12MP and 5MP front digicam. Not to mention, the front camera of the 6s has a wider viewing angle than the iPhone 6.


Digital camera of iPhone 6s has been upgraded to 12MP and 5MP front digicam (Source: Web)

Owning a feature that requires sharp eyes to recognize, but to buy good products, take a hard time to take a look at the machine to clearly distinguish the functions, configuration, fast and slow operation on your smartphone. !

Coming to XTmobile, you will be guided and thoroughly introduced about each type of device.


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