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Duplicate contacts cause discomfort in using and searching your contacts. This article will show you how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone in a factor way.

– This article is guided in Vietnamese (including the interface and instructions in words). At times with different devices and application versions, the interface may change. If your phone is using English, you can see how to change the phone’s voice from English to Vietnamese as follows:

  • Instructions on how to change the voice from English to Vietnamese on iPhone, iPad

1. Manual execution

Enter Phonebook on your phone > Manually find duplicate contacts and delete them.

Manually find and delete contactsManually find and delete contacts

2. Use iCloud

Step 1: You CLICK HERE to go to the iCloud login interface and log in with your iCloud account.

Sign in to your iCloud account

Step 2: Shop icons Phonebook.

Access to the directory entryAccess to the directory entry

Step 3: Enter Settingsbuy all.

You should back up the data to avoid deleting all important data. Refer to the following article to know how:

  • 2 simple and quick ways to back up data on iPhone you should know

Step 4: Enter Settings > Shopping Export vCard to export all the phone numbers as a file VCF.

Export phone numbers as VCF . files

Step 5: Via the iCloud interface, press the . button Delete to manually delete duplicate phone numbers.

Delete duplicate contactsDelete duplicate contacts

Step 6: Press Edit to perform deletion or change of information.

Change the information by selecting EditChange information by purchasing Edit

3. Use compatible apps

With many applications that help you delete duplicate contacts on iPhone such as: Cleaner Grasp, Cleanup Duplicate Contacts!, Contact Teams – Textual content & E-mail, etc. Below, I will guide you how to use it. Cleaner Grasp application application.

App name: Cleaner Grasp – Tremendous Cleaner

Publisher: Maple Labs Co., Ltd

Capacity: 20.9 MB

Compatible: iOS version 11.0 and above

Hyperlink download: HERE.

Step 1: Allow the app to access contacts

Download and enter the app Contact Grasp on your phone > Shop Contact > Allow Access contacts.

Allow the app to access your phone's contactsAllow the app to access your phone’s contacts

Step 2: Delete duplicate contacts

At interface Manage contacts buying By phone number section duplicate > Click buy duplicate phone number you want to delete > Shop Unified.

Proceed to select contacts with the same phone number to mergeProceed to buy contacts with the same phone number to unify

Press Right To confirm.

Confirm one more time to completeConfirm one more time to complete

Grasp Cleaner application is a super and smart cleaner, in addition to unifying duplicate contacts, it also helps you find and delete similar photos, large videos and backup contacts.

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