How to check the main zin when buying an old iPhone

In addition to checking the external appearance and taking a look at the functions when buying an old iPhone, it is also important that you check if the essentials of the old iPhone are still original. To check if the essential is still original or not, you must open the curtain or you can open all the essentials to see the element.

Apple always reminds, those who know and specialize in iPhone can recognize the face, but not everyone shares it for free for shoppers. In the article below, I will guide users on how to check if the essential iPhone is still zin or not in the most effective way.

Note: The requirement is that the user knows how to disassemble the device, or ask someone to remove it.

Instructions to check if the old essential iPhone is original or not

You use a specialized tool to remove the iPhone screen, then test it as follows:

– After opening the screen, you will immediately see the entire top surface of the essential as well as the battery of the old iPhone. Buyers note the red drilled items in the photo below. That’s where the iPhone’s battery Seal is located.

Because an original Apple iPhone must have this battery Seal. If removed and lost, it is necessary to ask why it was lost. Because only by removing the machine to repair or touch anything, it will be lost.

Old iPhone

-After paying attention to the battery seal, users should note that the second feature is the default stamps that come with Apple when processing and selling the device. Because when removing the machine to repair or do anything to the essential, the mechanic must tear, or rather touch, this stamp. Buyers see the photo of the item circled in red below all stamps are intact and have not been touched or torn.

Old iPhone

– You just imagine that if you want to enter the city, the king’s palace needs to have access cards. That stamp can correspond to a card. The steel cages on the essential iPhone are likened to the door to open for users to enter the forbidden palace. If opened, there will be traces.

The steel cage on the essential zin will always be clean, white and straight, with no warping or warping nor with stains on it.

Old iPhone

-When you put the essential vertically, you will see the soldering pins on the cage with no signs of torch, solder.

Old iPhone

– When repairing an old iPhone, it is difficult for the repairman, no matter how skillful, to keep all the essentials or the flat surfaces on the IC of the device. Old iPhone with Important zin ICs are clean and have no signs of dirt, solder marks.


The above is a way for users to check the essentials of the old iPhone with zin or not. However, when buying an old iPhone, few addresses allow you to remove the device to check. Therefore, you should go with someone who is knowledgeable about iPhone to check the device to avoid buying the wrong product.

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Old iPhone 6

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