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  • I. What is GSM and CDMA?
  • II. How to check if iPhone is GSM or CDMA version
    • Method 1: Check through Mannequin printed on the case
    • Method two: Check in iPhone settings

Up until now, we have regularly updated the iOS version directly on our iPhone, the simple reason is that the process of upgrading iOS directly on the phone will be much more convenient than downloading the iOS version and downloading it. update via computer.

But from iOS 12 version onwards, iPhone 5, 5s and below lines, if you want to update, must use iTunes software on your computer to set up.

And the sad thing is that I have come across a few cases, after upgrading the iPhone version, it soon became a “brick” used only for paperweights, the reason is that you Replaced the wrong version. GSM, CDMA.

I. What is GSM and CDMA?

You may not know, for iPhone, there will be 2 versions: Version GSM and CDMA

GSM and CDMA are universal telecommunications communication standards around the world today. Some countries use GSM networks, some countries use CDMA networks, and some countries use both GSM and CDMA networks (for example, in the US). Today in Vietnam, big carriers like Viettel, Mobifone, VinaPhone, Vietnammobile… only support GSM networks.

  • GSM stands for International System for Cell Communication: Means a global mobile and communication system, 2nd generation (2G). Today, GSM is the standard used worldwide.
  • CDMA whose name is mostly Division A number of Acces: This is a groundbreaking new technology, similar to (4G, 5G) in the future. Currently, in Vietnam, the CDMA version for iPhone cannot be used in Vietnam.

Because each iPhone has a different Mannequin system, updating the wrong version will lead to errors during use, worse, the device will no longer be able to access 3G and 4G.

Yes ! In today’s tutorial I will share with you How to distinguish GSM and CDMA models on iPhone phones?so that you can better understand them.

II. How to check if iPhone is GSM or CDMA version

Bring 2 simplest ways to check. If you buy a new machine, you can check with the parameters printed on the body. If it is an old machine, you can check in the operating system.

Method 1: Check through Mannequin printed on the case

It’s very easy that, when you buy a new iPhone, take a close look at the Mannequin printed on the case, or the back of the machine. For example the image below…

kiem-tra-iphone-phien-ban-gsm-hay-cdma (1)

Then check the statistics table below to authenticate the iPhone version you are using.

kiem-tra-iphone-phien-ban-gsm-hay-cdma (3)

Method two: Check in iPhone settings

In case you bought an old machine, and no longer have the original case to check. You can access by the following steps:

Go to section Settings => General => About => Legal => Regulations. Here you can see the Mannequin then check as with the first way to distinguish the version, the model.

kiem-tra-iphone-phien-ban-gsm-hay-cdma (2)


Okay, it’s very simple to have check your iPhone is GSM or CDMA version then that’s right. This way you can comfortably update to the latest iOS version for your iPhone without worrying about errors.

At this point, the article knows how to check the iPhone version GSM or CDMA, I also ask for a temporary limit. Hello hope this little tip will be useful to you.

Wishing you success !

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