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Copying iPhone contacts to PC will help consumers better store contact information and always keep important contacts. However, how to copy iPhone contacts to computer simply?

how to copy iPhone contacts to PC

How to copy contacts from iPhone to PC

With many ways to copy contacts from iPhone to computer, today 24hStore will guide you how to copy simply and effectively. Don’t miss the charming information below.

First need to sync contacts with iCloud

The first thing to do is that you’ll need to enable iCloud on your iPhone to sync your contacts with iCloud.

Efficiently copy contacts to PC

Step 1: Open the Settings app and tap your name right at the top.

In case your phone is running an earlier version of iOS, scroll down or search for settings for iCloud.

Step 1 sync iCloud iPhone

Step 2: Tap buy iCloud in the middle of the screen

Step 3: Purchase iCloud Backup (Backup iCloud) then enable it. Next, click buy today’s Backup item to create a backup on iCloud.

Step 2 click on backup

Second Copy iPhone contacts to PC

Step 1: Open a net browser on your PC, type and sign in with your name and password with your Apple ID.

iCloud login

Here you will enter the verification code (the code received from the iPhone) and proceed with the authentication.

After entering the code you continue to buy ‘Trust this browser’ to complete the login process.

Step 2: At the iCloud application management form panel, continue to click buy Contacts.

Select contacts to backup

Step 3: With the second contact from the left, clicking on it will see all the contacts stored on the iPhone.

Show list of contacts

Step 4: Export contacts to copy contacts from iPhone to PC

– Click on the contact in the list >> press Ctrl-A to buy all those contacts.

– Now click on the cog icon in the bottom left corner and buy Export vCard Card.

backup and export to PC

You have completed the steps on how to copy iPhone contacts to computer quickly and completely.

Above is a simple step to be able to copy contacts from iPhone to PC, wish you success. If you have a better way, please share it with 24hStore in the comments section below.

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