The secret to checking iPhone pressure is not known to everyone

Water resistance has been built-in by the supplier in devices from iPhone 7 and above. However, nothing is really ideal, what to do to make sure your phone is really safe when dropped in water without having to experiment. Especially for those who buy an old iPhone, it is necessary to check the device to not buy the wrong one. Please refer to some ways to check iPhone pressure below.

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Is the iPhone pressure test urgent?

Today, the iPhone is water-resistant like its Android brother. But, there is still nothing certain that the phone will not “sleep” when it hits water. It is possible that in the process of using the device, it has to be dismantled for repair, dropped, …. These reasons can cause the loss of water resistance that was previously possessed. Moreover, if the machine is 100% new, it is not possible to guarantee that there is no fault, and you are the unlucky person to buy a faulty machine.

Except for the waterproof feature. Checking the pressure also shows that the machine has not been disassembled for repair. On the market, there are many people selling phones with information such as like new, 99%, … but in fact, the device is old, has been repaired and has the ability to be damaged again. Beginners will have a hard time recognizing which is a good machine. Checking the pressure will partly solve this problem.

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Is the iPhone’s water resistance the same?

All models Iphone Recently, they all have water resistance but come with different standards.

  • The three latest mobile models including iPhone 11, Cellphone 11 Professional and 11 Professional Max all meet IP68 standards. Accordingly, these devices can withstand a depth of 4 meters for 30 minutes. These are also Apple’s most waterproof phone models
  • The iPhone XS and XS Max models are IP68-certified, but Apple says they’re water-resistant to a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes.
  • Finally, the iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and the corresponding Plus models all meet IP67 standards with water resistance to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.


How to check the waterproof ability of iPhone

Check iPhone pressure with Digital Manometer

  • First, customers go to App Retailer to find and download an application called “Digital Barometer”.
  • Step 2: After downloading, open this application. The app will ask to access your Location Services, you can choose with/don’t agree. In addition to the request for push information with the application, you should choose to decline because this is not necessary.
  • Step 3: the barometer clock interface appears, now the needle will move, wait until the needle is stationary, that is the current measurement result of your device.
  • Step 4: Using two fingers, press at the same time on the screen, see if the displayed results change or not. If the pressure parameter increases, it means that your device still possesses water resistance. Then release your hand to see if the property returns to its original value or not? Because it is measured by a pressure sensor, based on the air pressure in the machine. The design is water-resistant, so the inside of the machine is a closed environment, when pressing directly on the screen, the air in the machine will be compressed, increasing the pressure.

In addition to measuring pressure, the application also possesses other popular sensing features such as magnetometer sensors, temperature sensors, and applications for measuring pressure (stress) and humidity (humidity).

Using the hPa Barometer app

If still thinking, try measuring again with another application that also has the ability to check iPhone pressure, hPa Barometer.

  • Step 1: Access App Retailer, find and download “hPa Barometer”.
  • Step 2: Launch hPa Barometer application on iPhone and at the main interface of the application, consumers proceed to adjust the index to 0.0m, then proceed to measure the air pressure. Note: The results obtained will have a certain difference because the air pressure is not static during the measurement. Therefore, it is recommended to take several measurements and then record the average between measurements to get the final number.


This is an application that is highly tested and tested by professionals as well as by consumers. Thanks to its light capacity, simple user interface with easy to understand display parameters. In parallel, the automatic reset of the meter (Reset Altimeter) is also very convenient in measuring multiple times.

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