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Oxford Superior Learner’s Dictionary – OALD 9 is an application that supports learning English for iPhone suitable for all consumers to increase their English learning level. The download capacity is quite light with many features and the learning data is quite complete and updated regularly, now there are more than 100 million English learners who choose and use Oxford Superior Learner’s (OALD 9) to develop their language skills. develop their English skills for work and study.

Sure the great features in the new version have just been updated in early 2018, Oxford OALD 9 It will become an indispensable dictionary of many years of experience for those who love foreign languages ​​and want to improve their knowledge.

Information: Already own OALD 10 latest version for iPhone


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Buy cheap Oxford OALD 9 for iPhone

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Use OALD 9 to understand the meaning of words, learn how to say them, and know how to use them. With the OALD app, you can:

  • Find over 185,000 words, phrases and meanings – including 900 new words and meanings.
  • Trust clear explanations and example sentences from authoritative Oxford English Corpus.

How to download Oxford 9 full dictionary for iPhone/iPad

[toggle title=”Xem hướng dẫn chi tiết”] Step 1: First of all, you enter Setting -> App Retailer & iTunes and log out of today’s account (if owned) and log in Oxford account that you just received from Application Cell.

IMG 8974

Step 2: After you have successfully logged in, go to App Retailer -> find Oxford and download the correct app as shown.

oxford earphone for iphone

Step 3: Open the app Oxford Superior Learner’s Dictionary up, shop Restore.

IMG 8969

Step 4: Buy Obtain for the application to download the entire Knowledge dictionary to your device.

IMG 8970

Step 5: Because the size is quite large (734MB), you should use Wi-Fi to download. After downloading, you already own OALD 9 full for iPhone and can use all the functions of the application using Offline…

IMG 8971


Features of the Oxford OALD 9 . dictionary

  • Search the entire dictionary such as: Words in any phrase or 1 illustrated sentence extremely quickly, including 184,500 words, phrases and meanings are clearly explained.
  • With the added function “Did you imply…?” and Wildcard search helps learners to find a word even if they happen to know how to spell it – This is tested to be the “smartest” score the app has.
  • Actively create your own list of favorite words to make it more convenient to look up and find information on the application later.
  • Look up previous search history with the last 100 words.
  • Able to listen to standard British and American English accents to pronounce words, assisting learners in difficult areas, such as the difference between similar words, important grammar centers, British usage and America…
  • Learners can access high-quality online audio or download all 116 thousand example sentences for free offline listening, along with easy-to-understand explanations explained through 3000 familiar words.
  • Update the entire dictionary is built as “live”, touch to find words instantly and 1000 new words and corresponding meanings to help you update your vocabulary today and how to use it.
  • With My View function to shop the amount of information that appears on the screen, allowing to hide IPA, example sentences, images, synonyms… Touch to display the entire content.
  • Find words with equivalent or opposite meanings in the built-in Thesaurus dictionary with more than 57 thousand words.

If you are in need of a smart electronic dictionary, download Oxford OALD 9 to your device. Good luck!

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  • Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Educational English

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