C drive is full? Your computer is being delayed due to the C drive was awful full? Please follow the following ways to fix your C drive is full offline!

Drive C drive install the operating system, usually you will divide it between 30G minimum for most the operating system, but can set up to 60G 40G level, but divided such that the C drive is still fully reported although you do not have that much? Here are a few ways to overcome.

Khi ổ C bị đầy, các bạn sẽ thấy máy chậm

When the C drive is full, you’ll see a slow machine

Check the screen

Desktop is still in drive C, if you toss too many documents to make sure that the C drive is full, which is full, the computer C: drive slow terrible, you just imagine the joy all operations must wait before!

approach is that everything should be saved to drive D or E depending on your machine!

Check My Document

Usually the sorting process will download files and save them there, before suspected errors, check the Photo, Music, Documents and other parts of My Documents, which is located on the C drive should place you need to move them to other properties other drive!

Free up disk space

case on without it, it’s time you checked and scanned by the software and applications in the operating system, you first open the C drive up and see there the folder “windows Old” or not, if so, we need to clean it off, that’s why you upgrade the operating system to separate it out there for you to spend or retrieve old data later on that!

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You removed by the following:

Just click on the C: drive and then right click, select Properties, a pop-up list, you right click on the Disk Cleanup as shown:


After click Disk Cleanup, then you have to wait for it to scan the drive and then to select the menu, then you select the next as follows:


you click Clean Up The System File and wait to drive forward as long as large, haizz!


Then it will show up the table as in the figure, he is my whole click what to delete and then press the Okey, this process can last for half an hour so you should go do something else in while it cleans, take a shower, for example, in the case of Jam is saved 3.45 G muscle there, fierce too!


And so, your C drive is released, you will not have to use a computer to a crawl again!

I wish you success!

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