Buy SSL For Cheap Website + SSL Installation Guide 2022

Websites that are using free SSL (mostly using Let’s Encrypt SSL) will surely have problems accessing the web on old devices by the end of September 2021. Because, on September 30, 2021 Let’s Encrypt DST Root CA X3 root certificate has expired. This makes millions of websites around the world inaccessible from older devices.

That’s why, after September 30, 2021, a lot of people had to find buy paid SSL for website so as not to lose visits from customers.


However, the problem many people face is not knowing buy SSL Where is the cheapest website for the website? Then I don’t know how to install a paid SSL for the website on hosting (mainly using Cpanel) and on VPS.

I also had this problem and it was resolved. Therefore, this article was born to help you or those who do not know where to buy SSL for the cheapest web in 2022 and do not know how to install paid SSL on hosting and VPS can do.

What is SSL Certificate? Why install SSL for the web?

SSL (stands for Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing encrypted links between a web server (web server) and a browser (browser). This is to ensure the security of the web and the privacy of users when accessing the web.

Currently, SSL certificates for the web are indispensable for every web operating on the internet. Because simply, when accessing the web on Google Chrome or Firefox, if the web don’t install SSL (without https) the browser will display a message NO SECURITY or CONNECTIONS UNSAFE.

For websites that have SSL installed, in addition to being shown the message SECURITY or SAFE CONNECTIONS Installing SSL also helps improve SEO rankings. It was Google who talked about getting started use https as a search ranking signal. Therefore, you already know why you should install SSL for the web.

How to buy SSL for the cheapest website

Currently, there are 2 types of SSL that are Free SSL and Paid SSL. So why buy a paid SSL?

You can completely use Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL or Cloudflare’s free SSL to create https for the web. However, as I said above – in September 2021 Let’s Encrypt’s DST Root CA X3 root certificate expired. This makes a lot of websites inaccessible from older devices.

With the goal of do not lose any 1 visit so the plan here is buy paid SSL to install for web. Because, after finding out where to buy the “cheapest” SSL, I found that the cost of buying SSL is very small compared to the benefits it brings.

Are you curious to know where to buy cheap SSL? That is buy SSL on SSLs.Com. SSLs is a leading reputable digital certificate provider. This is a sub-brand of Namecheap – the world famous domain name provider. That’s why I feel very secure when I buy SSL here.

OK. Here we proceed to order SSL at SSLs.Com!

You access the SSLs.Com website, then select the certificate package you want to buy.

Here, I bought for myself and only bought for 1 domain, (including, so I chose PositiveSSL package for only $3.88/year (approximately 90K/year, the price applies when buying 5 years).


I ordered it for 5 years with a total cost of only 19.4$ / 5 years ~ 450K / 5 years. Unbeatable Prices – Nowhere Cheaper!

Then choose Checkout Then enter your email, full name, phone number and password to create an account. Finally, choose a payment method (Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin payment supported).

After payment is complete, you access the menu My SSL in the upper right corner you will see a list of purchased SSL certificates.

You press Activate to activate the SSL certificate.


You will receive a notification that the certificate will be valid for 1 year even though you purchased it for 5 years. However, you will receive a notification to reinstall the certificate when it is almost expired and it will not cost you any more, just reinstalling the SSL. This is why you have to reinstall every year.

You press Got it to continue.


Next, enter the domain name where you want to install this SSL certificate. You need to enter the domain name format including www and non-www as shown below and then click ONWARDS.


Continue to choose Create CSR in-browser and press the button SAVE KEY.ZIP (0.1KB) to save the Private Key to the computer.

Note: You need to save the Private Key file to continue installing SSL on the server. Because if you lose it, you will have to ask for it again.


After saving the Private Key, click on ONWARDS to conduct domain verification.


Verify SSL installation domain name

You can verify your domain name in 3 ways:

  • Verify by uploading files
  • Domain email verification
  • Verify via DNS

Here I choose to verify via DNS for convenience and I will also guide you this way.

You choose item Create a DNS record as shown below and press Submit.


You will see CNAME information to set up on the domain’s DNS as shown below.


Go to your domain management page and create a CNAME Record with the Host and Target information above.


After a few minutes, go back to the SSLs page and click CONFIRM DNS ADDED. You wait for the system to check for about 1 minute to see if you have pointed the DNS correctly.

If the system checks and finds that you have successfully pointed the DNS, you will see a message Done as shown below and will move you to step GET SSL.

Remember to click DOWNLOAD SSL to download the necessary installation files to your computer.


Now, if you extract the 2 downloaded files, you will see the 4 files needed to install SSL for the web as follows.


However, you also only need to care about the content of the following 3 files:

  • nguyenhung_net_key.txt

Now, depending on whether you are using hosting or VPS, there will be different ways to configure SSL for different domains.

Below I will guide you in 2 ways: install SSL on Cpanel hosting and install on VPS using HostVN Script. If you use a different hosting or VPS, you can find out and do the same yourself or comment below for support.

How to Install Paid SSL on Cpanel

If you use hosting using Cpanel, please follow this section. Currently I am using AZDIGI hosting (if you want to buy AZDIGI hosting, get AZDIGI discount code) also use Cpanel.

First, access the Cpanel hosting admin page and find the item SSL/TLS.


Next, select item Manage SSL sites.


On the setup page, you need to set up 4 items corresponding to the image below as follows:

  1. Choose the domain name to install the paid SSL
  2. Open file with Notepad and copy the entire content into this entry
  3. Copy the contents of the file nguyenhung_net_key.txt go to this section
  4. Copy file contents come in

After filling in all the fields, press Install Certificate. A message appears, press OK done.

Now you can scroll down to the bottom to check if SSL is installed correctly.

How to install paid SSL on VPS using HostVN Script

If you are using HostVN Script to administer VPS according to the instructions to install HostVN Script to administer VPS, you can follow the instructions in this section to install paid SSL on VPS.

Suggest: Good quality cheap VPS rental addresses

First, you log into the VPS via SSH and access the admin menu by typing the command hostvn. Next, access the menu 2. SSL certificate -> 2. SSL check You will see the following selection menus:


You choose 1. I’m CSR, then select the domain name to install SSL and enter the step-by-step information displayed on the screen. And you will get a success message like this.


Continue, you choose 2. SSL check and choose 2. Tao CRT/CA, then select the domain name you want to install a paid SSL for (if it asks if you want to delete the old certificate, just choose Y dental). At this point, the nano editor is opened.

You copy the file content Paste after the content of the file Thus, the entire content will have 4 paragraphs as follows:

//Nội dung file
//Nội dung file 1
//Nội dung file 2
//Nội dung file 3

Then copy all that content paste in the nano editor (press Ctrl + V to paste) and press Ctrl + O -> Enter to save and press Ctrl + X to exit.

If successful, you will see the following message:


Finally, you choose to continue 2. SSL check and choose 3. Tao Private Key and choose the domain name to install SSL (if it asks if you want to delete the old certificate, just choose Y dental). Then the nano editor is opened.

You copy the entire file content nguyenhung_net_key.txt and paste in. Then also press Ctrl + O -> Enter to save and press Ctrl + X to exit.

You will receive a notification Successful configuration. And so you have installed paid SSL on VPS already.

cach cai dat ssl tra phi tren vps dung hostvn script 4

How to check SSL certificate status

After installing SSL on your website, you return to the previous page and you will see the interface as below.


You can click on CHECK INSTALLATION to check the status of the SSL certificate to see if it has been successfully installed.

If you see the message line It’s all good…. That means everything is ok.


You can go back to and click CONFIRM INSTALLATION for complete confirmation.

In addition, there is another way to check the SSL status that many people often use, which is to check with the web

You access the link above and enter the domain name then click Check SSL. You see the following result also means that the SSL certificate is working OK.


That’s it, you have installed the paid SSL for the web already.


The entire content of the article above I have guided you How to buy SSL for your website at a cheap price?. At the same time, I also give very detailed instructions how to install paid SSL for web on hosting use Cpanel and VPS use HostVN Script to manage.

Have you installed a paid SSL for the web? If you can’t refer to the information above and buy SSL for the web to avoid losing traffic after the Let’s Encrypt root certificate issue expires.

If you have any difficulty in buy SSL or install paid SSL Please leave your question below so I can help. Thank you for reading this far!

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