Today you have the buzz he asked, should buy Skype PC CPU Chip CPU Chip I3 or G is better ? By the way all the post always advise you to choose!

Đôi khi Chip G tốt hơn chip I3

sometimes better chip Chip G I3

CPU line I better

intel CPU chips from I3 line I have to i7, with item codes and categories, as well as clock multiplier, I generally always better chip flow lines G of the chip multithreading technology newer and faster! Often, higher clock along the line G!

cheaper CPU line G

performance is not much better if you compare with G I3 chip, I took eg vs I3220 G3220 chip, Chip G has much much better!

With about 2 million chips I-8, the G lot cheaper chips for $ 1 million 2, G obvious choice is very economical chip for universal machine!

I3 multiple threads than G

Series G with only two people, with two threads per processor, while the line I3 with up to 2 people, but 4-threaded processors, if processing tasks simultaneously a clear line I will be processed first, eg convert a video or movie montage!

Series G and I3 are common desktop

The ordinary PCs can be used by chip and chip I3 G, I always preferred using the G Series consulting for basic computer, do not take the hard work, and if the game reviews clear lines G still tasty download, including games relatively heavy, if very heavy and use a lot of graphics, simply insert additional video card is delicious!

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Series G technology has almost line I

Series G and I both use stream technology similar close, and also share a socket together, born in a year, the equivalent of several characters, eg 2120 vs G2120 I3 and even longer lines G after a little more than the first line so that the same number with the first G series will better I!

Series G good for office machines

By saving money than I, G line would be appropriate for the office computer, imagine you are saving tens of million when shopping for your company computers line G.

And, in case you buy for the office, select G chips, but if you want to beat the game or image processing, video should be a priority for the line I3, wish you happy!

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