Pricing e-commerce site is a long time in Vietnam, crisis hits rich and warehouses, but never buying Jam in Pricing, you?

Hey guys, by the way you’re flooding buzz about the scams on online sales pages, I remember Materials the price, at least Pricing presence in Vietnam is extremely premature, early closest comparison to other sales sites, and if it comes Pricing e-commerce website is the first, are not exaggerating, because before it has not mighty one in Vietnam is both, however, you may never buy in Pricing?

Lâu không vào, giờ vào lại thấy nó giống Lazada :D

not to Lau, now on the back it looks Lazada: D

Currently Pricing dropped his influence, more people remember to or or, there Ad or, Pricing And I it is only vaguely remember his handsome Diep black teeth alone!

guy you’re selling accessories sold cable also says twisting on Pricing was, it opened a store on it and sell it, but my friend and special items that sell, not ordinary should make hard sell in Lazada, or Ad, it will drift away mercilessly, so cut off and Pricing!

Pricing sell special items, is useful, I think so, because I did not mention and Pricing at all impressed with it, especially its aversion “too tangled warren” like a brother SPAM , trying to do everything so that we can be up top, the only, but it does not care how!

Well, once you have the impression that they would be reluctant, at any point in it, but lately I see change and Pricing, Pricing filter more products, also changes the home page and less muddy, and the rest of other functions, the screen tight!

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Each site will have its own unique installations, for example, there Zalora fashion, consumer electronics or the like Lazada, or buy second-hand goods market, there are better, longer and Pricing, why not it?

Have you ever purchase on materials rates? Please share with Jam at it Comment offline!

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