Some of the following information will help you buy the right laptop to the type, cost and fit needs of all of you!

Hello, laptop now is the indispensable need of a lot of young people, owning a laptop to watch movies or listen to music news , or work in service is very convenient, light, energy saving, so how to choose to buy laptops the most economical and suitable for most needs?

office workers

In fact, people used office applications only very slightly, if the worst was lucky with Microsoft Excel is the same, so owning a laptop is moderately reasonable price!

I take for example, the new Core i3 configuration now, together with 4G RAM is too abundant to use, no need to pay attention to the video card, you just need to pay attention to the keyboard, do not buy keyboard packets as Sony SVT is!

The keyboard should be easy to hit, stand tall and do not need the keyboard number, note that your laptop with the number on the keyboard will be scaled letters, for example, the life of this machine is extremely interested at the keyboard nè:

Bàn phím của Dell Latitude 6430u

Latitude 6430u Dell Keyboard

way more interesting is that you buy the Utrabook as Dell, HP and even more amazing is the Macbook Air, which is the last line of lightweight, battery back for so long, you do not have to face the wires dangle tired people, could take them wherever fine, coffee can also work!

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price of machines for office workers usually from 6 million to 10 million, you can buy any popular vendor, provided the keyboard easier to hit as I say!

Civil Design

Laptop Designed for People need two extremely important factors, such as the video card and processor, present the new series now i7 chips are also cheap, not expensive, in addition to new graphics card and strong will handle video and images well, no laundry!

Where the only design your ad banners or web design, banner design or they just bought the office computer as the population is, or even 3D rending the new video to draw attention to the elements on!

Please also note that you should add to the RAM, but RAM is an important component, but can be upgraded later, usually have slot machines ram expansion, the plant you choose not to care about we hurry!

The design models for the best people, I think it is DELL, small or large machines often have video card:

HP Pavilion 15 - màn hình lớn, chip khỏe, card màn hình ngon lành

HP Pavilion 15 – the big screen, chip well, delicious video card

In other cases, you should choose the Work Station series, this is extremely healthy models for those you do or do heavy work associated with the video, or 3D, especially notebooks with wings good heat dissipation, usually supports both RAM EEC should be extremely durable, running 24/24 is!

A selection of other VIP is that you own a Macbook PRO, normally the APPLE series of very durable and beautiful, this is the preferred option of the Jam:

Các dòng máy Macbook Pro luôn có card màn hình, RAM lớn và bền bỉ

The Macbook Pro models always have the video card, RAM and persistence

You are the designer must know the beauty, but the MacBook is a great product to make your work more interesting, not to mention it is also extremely strong and durable!

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Dan amateur, student

The student population read newspapers or listen to the radio only for academic work, you should choose the configuration models have very low, the lowest I now also still run all the applications that the you need, individual studies was not calculated, machine hours, as long as new production machines!

When shopping for laptops education, the need is for you to the screen size, that’s it, the bigger the screen the less educated eye!

Laptop now machine virtually integrated microphone and Webcam as well, so you also spoiled hovering chat with Facebook!

Laptop Acer ES1 là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo, giá rẻ và cấu hình tương đối

Acer Laptop ES1 is the perfect choice, cheap and relative configuration

The series of ASUS and ACER is very cheap, do not need video card, do not need topping technology, the company that is appropriate for your pocketbook!

In case you want to lemon? Macbook Air is a great choice for you, not too weak nor too strong, have long criticized form, PIN cattle until 9H clock, shiny aluminum shell and polite, the light should be able to carry it all anywhere you want:

Hiện tại Jam vẫn viết blog bằng con Macbook Air này

Currently Jam still blogging with the MacBook Air this

I wish you success!

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