Yesterday Jam for his advice you are considering the idea is to buy a computer for gaming , to make it the most economical and still ensure good play those games popular!

I advise this:

have enough RAM

Ram kingston giá tương đối mà cũng tốt

Ram kingston relative prices but also good

Ram is very important for a computer, regardless of used Whatever the purpose, there must be a basic user ram 2G, 4G should also not be alone to do the 8G game saving again enough, the ram 4G 2 hours cost about 1 million are redundant, so buy two children because it better heat dissipation 1 child 8G!

Chip should use G

Chip G line runs Intel’s new Core Duo pretty good and suitable for the models in the internet cafe, game consoles, it’s a lot cheaper chips I, for example the new I3 but now nearly 3 million children Intel G3450 3.4G 6 only 1 million, enough for the kind of game now!

Chip I then more, but a lot more expensive, while I have two machines, G2030 and the I3 chip, rated game show mismatches at work! Do not recognize the difference!

And when G chip, we have increased the amount graphics

The graphics cards now eight pipes, it is best to mount the latest type, is also cheaper, because new types of RAM used in its PCI 3 and faster, handle better also!

For example, the GIGABYTE VGA GV ™ silver N420-2GI 1 million, combined with the G3450 is the top CPU for normal games!

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Gigabyte or Asus motherboard should be

Both main types are good, you also get to choose which one you will buy considering buying anything, the main chip with that chip, adding RAM is enough support bus!

Hard drive

Canadian moderate type, eg is enough 120G, 250G recommended types, no need to apply more battered, make sure you play the game is the last 5, and it is enough to store all !

There are also games like Devil May Cry 4 crisis of Jam are playing, it’s up to 15G fraud, but not all, of them are too small compared to the 250G hard drive.

price of 250G hard drive about 1 million!

General again

  • The shell case included 250 thousand sources about 500 thousand!
  • Mainboard: one million two hundred
  • CPU: 1 million 6
  • RAM 1 million
  • Hard Drive 1 million
  • Graphics Card 1 million
  • Screen Samsung 2 million
  • Mouse + Keyboard 300 thousand
  • Headset buy 100 thousand

The total amount of 7 7 million, plus iced tea Jam travel deals these about 8 million phones off!

With 8 million is enough to make a case gaming billion diapers ago, even if you want to play the game, then upgrade the CPU to the crisis, such as the latest I5 is now wanted snub Games!

If playing the 3D game requires high configuration, but please do not raise CPU upgrade your video card!

I wish you happy!

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