In One Piece, Buggy the Clown is a ‘joke’ character who makes every scene funny, which is why fans love him so much.

One of the strongest points of the One Piece series is the author’s ability to mix humor Eiichiro Oda throughout the series. Even situations that aren’t inherently funny or don’t have much ‘ground’ for light-hearted moments can still be made funny by the actions or interactions of the characters.

One One Piece character that always seems to make every scene funny is Buggy the Clown. His constant misdeeds are always amusing.

And below, will list the funniest moments of Buggy the Clown in One Piece.

Little Buggy’s Big Adventure

Buggy's time in Little Buggy's big adventure is considered his funniest and oldest moment

One of the funniest and oldest moments of Buggy’s adventures throughout One Piece is his time in Little Buggy’s big adventure.

The journey sees Buggy trying to reunite with his crew after losing to Luffy and being sent to another island with some of his body parts missing, hence his short stature. and nicknamed Little Buggy.

The cover-story-turned-anime-episode (cover-story-turned-anime-episode) episode sees Buggy stumble into very funny situations, meeting several characters along the way. A great part of this journey is that he meets Gaimon, which leads to a hilarious moment where the two begin discussing the same ‘young pirate’ without even knowing it.

Treat Luffy and Zoro

Buggy accidentally feeds Luffy

In the Loguetown part, there’s a hilarious scene where Luffy, Zoro and Buggy are literally dining at a restaurant right next to each other. They basically didn’t notice, which led to Buggy criticizing the Straw Hats for their bad luck so far, and the two Straw Hats being ‘nervous’ for lack of money.

Buggy became so angry that he threw his bag of money on Luffy’s hat, which inadvertently treated both of their meals. This is considered a very iconic One Piece funny moment with this Buggy character.

Get Captain John’s treasure map

Buggy always fails miserably

The Impel Down section of One Piece sees Buggy return after being captured by the World Government and abandoned by his crew in the previous installment. However, his sentence was cut short when Luffy barged in and freed him on his way to rescue his brother, Ace. However, part of the deal to help Buggy is the treasure map that the Straw Hats are in possession of.

Watching Buggy try to get the treasure map from Luffy is absolutely hilarious, given his brilliance. Basically, Buggy belittles the naive pirate for trusting a scum like him, before turning around and trying to do exactly what a scum would do. Buggy, like everything else in his life, fails miserably at this, ultimately getting what he wants in a way that is far from ideal.

Whitebeard Challenge

Adorable clown challenges Whitebeard Yonko to a fight

During One Piece’s Marineford storyline, one of the most well-intentioned and humorous Buggy moments in the series happened. The adorable clown challenges Whitebeard Yonko to a war, being hunted down by a group of former prisoners who are now his loyal and devoted crew.

Finally, he issues a challenge to the legendary pirate, a situation that often ends with the challenger regretting his decision. However, Buggy’s luck and fate is once again in his favor, culminating in an outcome that makes him almost as great to others as he was when he won the war.

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Reunion with the crew

Buggy hugged each other and cried with joy to be reunited with the crew

After surviving the inferno of Marineford, the sequels in One Piece see a hilarious reunion and it’s been too long for Buggy. For the first time in hundreds of episodes, One Piece’s fan-favorite Jester is reunited with his former crew, now led by Alvida.

The reunion was hilarious, with the three main characters of the Buggy Pirates hugging and crying with joy at being reunited. Alvida tries to remind them of why they abandoned their former captain in the first place, but the scene is only made funnier by the accompanying flashback.

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