Download Brothers Keeper 7 for free – An intuitive application that allows you to organize family history information and build a family tree chart

Brothers Keeper software overview Create genealogy charts:

Brothers Keeper is an intuitive application that allows you to organize family history information and build a family tree chart. Brothers Keeper is designed to be easy to use, it helps you create a complete database containing details about descendants, ancestors and family relationships.


Brothers Keeper – Create a genealogy chart

Features of Brothers Keeper software

  • The application can store data about first and last name, gender, date of birth, date of baptism and date of death, as well as other important events and events in a person’s life (e.g. graduation date) , religion, education, occupation, nationality, etc. on).
  • You can add details about existing children and siblings, add notes, or even assign audio, video or any other file type to each database entry. Optionally, family member pictures can also be added, thus placing a face next to each name. Address, email, phone number, personal website may also be included.
  • In addition, you can add partners for each person, son and daughter, parent, along with their wife or child. All stored data can be backed up to your computer for safekeeping.
  • A wide range of charts and lists can be easily created, printed, or exported (in TXT, RTF or HTML formats), from simple tree or box charts to descendant and ancestry, family group and individual tables, timelines, numeric and alphabetical reports, birthdays and event lists, missing information reports and much more.
  • You can include as many generations as you want in the reports, create alphabetical indexes, choose which fields to include (generation numbers, notes, spouse and child data, etc) and customize the look of the chart by changing the name color.
  • Putting together a family tree can be helpful if you have many relatives and want to know more about the family history. Brother’ Keeper is designed to help you in this regard, providing a comprehensive utility for organizing information and creating complete genealogy reports.

Brothers Keeper 7.4.5 update content:

Quality check will remember two options, Sort by name and order by children.

New Report: Ancestors- 4 Generations with Images. Same as 3 generations ago with Image.

New report: Ancestors – Pyramid 4 generations inverted with pictures. People start at the bottom.


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