Bitcoin price analysis today 19/09

After days of intense discounts, Bitcoin (BTC) is once again bouncing up. With a rise of nearly 20% in just one day, the king is regaining confidence.

The reason Bitcoin price recovered

Many prompt and drastic responses were given. FED and central banks of many countries have implemented many policies to stabilize the market. For many Bitcoin believers, the extra liquidity acts as a good reason to maintain this asset.

Now, FED measures seem to be working. The US stock market grew higher on the 19th trading day. That showed that some venture capitalists have returned to the markets.

Bitcoin is also performing well. In the past 24 hours, investors have purchased more than $ 18 billion of this cryptocurrency. In the meantime, the BTC / USD pair is trading at $ 6,649, up 22.06% in 24 hours.

Can Bitcoin hit $ 10,000 on halving?

With the price rising, the upward momentum of Bitcoin suddenly suddenly returned. Some people believe that the increase in Bitcoin price coincided with the bank's liquidity injection. This shows that BTC is functioning as a safe haven for assets.

However, shortly after the Bitcoin price rebounded above $ 6,000. Many people have expressed optimism about the future of this coin. Blockstream's Samson Mow gave a rare BTC price forecast.

Samson Mow thinks that Bitcoin will once again surpass $ 10,000 in halving in May this year. Just 1 month ago, such a prediction could be considered too light. However, with Bitcoin needing to increase by more than 60% in 2 months and having just gone through the most turbulent period to date, Mow's forecast is worth questioning.

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