Dan daily blog to use the computer as the main tool and regularly, so any laptop blogger People should take? Please refer to the following information!

Hello, people all day writing bloggers need a relatively good computer, but the configuration does not need to be high enough, then Jam here please share how you choose a computer to blog throughout the day without having to worry, to meet your needs!

Macbook Air

does well Macbook line, but separate Air line is great for people who like to move, preferring to wander and not do anything too strenuous!

Hiện tại Jam vẫn viết blog bằng con Macbook Air này

Currently Jam still blogging with the MacBook Air this

advantages Macbook air is mild, very mild always, when you only need to handle it with two fingers are, the further advantage is the buffalo battery poles, you can buy a Macbook Air in 2013 for battery life of about 8 to 12 hours used depending on work!

The most popular is that, when you take a picture with the MacBook Air, it’s so beautiful and so photogenic!

Configuration of Air nor the medium format, Intel Haswel with 4G RAM, blogging in general is not jerky at all whether you have many tabs open!

Also fully configured to run Photoshop image orthopedic surgery Macbook Air ? But prices also slightly chat, you can buy about 10 million old!

Laptop HP Stream

HP Stream - netbook giá rẻ

HP Stream – Cheap netbooks

This line is so cheap, less than 5 million, while the battery is very durable, approximately 4 to 6 hours of continuous running, the hard drive, it uses SSD 32 G kind enough to install the OS and do some work Classified, 2G RAM enough for every situation!

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This line can meet all kinds of extensions like Mic, Camera, can be used to chat or do things like creating video tutorials on these fine also!

There is only one thing you should consider: This machine does not upgrade anything, so if serving the needs are comfortable blogging! But upgrading works like gaming, then spray it!

Laptop HP Pavilion x360

handy touchscreen, glitter beautiful machine, lightweight and durable PIN, this is the Netbook line up too fast, but the machine is not equipped with the new things like SSD that boots and runs applications faster !

Laptop HP Pavilion x360 với màn hình cảm ứng

x360 HP Pavilion laptop with a touch screen

This line, as well as the HP Stream, the upgrade can not be, but what they are available in a full machine, such as Mic or Camera, USB 3.0 port or HDMI port!

Most importantly, it has a long battery life help us not dangling wires, do not worry wandered off somewhere in the cafe!

relative to its price, about 10 million of you sir!

HP Elitebook 8540p Laptop

This type no new light, but also buy the old stable, formerly my friend used the whole of this, to be honest I like the keyboard of the HP line of extremely old, it flick and bounced, feeling very like, in addition to this line is not weak when using I5 chip, RAM can be upgraded to be comfortable and the engine sound that great!

Laptop HP Elitebook 8540p

HP Elitebook 8540p Laptop

This line has enough for both Mic and you do a video camera, there is always the graphics card inside, but its battery is 2 hours at best, bad luck!

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price much cheaper old this child, there where 5 million, too cheap for a WorkStation!

Sony Vaio SVT13

, the peak of this type, with a touch screen, shiny aluminum shell design, durable battery poles, about 4 hours or up to 6 hours, Camera Mic and full, because the line so it runs Chip relative Utrabook on I5 3317U is enough.

Sony Vaio SVT13

Sony Vaio SVT13

for the machine, or to move, designed thin, light and beautiful, shiny like the Macbook trackpad!

This machine is also used Jam, blogging is great, just drag out this coffee shop to another shop, it supports internal SSDs boot up fast, but just hate each one is keyboard slightly stiff, hard typing and hit the unfamiliar constantly misspelled ?

Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad X220

First, the whole line of goods the old, but it has a very reasonable price of about 5 million, the configuration is very wrong with the first generation Core 2 chips, lifting ram comfortable, especially in the line thinkpad namely the keyboard, feeling Typewriter keyboard smoothly on severance and always!

Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad X220

Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad X220

Blogging is the most important PIN, then to the comfort of the keyboard, with the Thinkpad own keyboard, the predominant type, very happy, but the battery does not last long, not to mention it also weighs announced nest carrying very tired!


The personal computer had to purchase depending on the intended use so that we do not buy a machine too expensive or too bad, the writing then we priority for PIN, Macbook brand is brilliant for the time Battery and the beauty of it, even if the keyboard type comfortably, nobody reached the line with older HP to the button or the older ThinkPad!

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The new machine, now that the hard-button low, hit hard and broken or button so you must consider before buying, configuring the blogger does not matter with the keyboard and battery life!

Wish you find yourself to be a computer like that!

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