Bitcoin is continuing to navigate in March unstable and rising to the range of $ 5,800 – 6,600 since March 19. After quickly reaching the $ 7,000 threshold on March 20, the price fell below $ 6,600 within 4 hours.

Considering the fact that volatility is high throughout the month, Bitcoin's actual volatility has plummeted on March 23.


Real fluctuations of BTC / USD | Source: Skew

Follow chart, after sustaining volatility above 300% since March 14, the real volatility has decreased from 321% to 156% over a 24-hour period. Thus, the market has been somewhat stabilized, but it is important to note that the aforementioned volatility chart has only been built based on the past 10 days.


BTC / USD | Source: Trading View

Since March 14, Bitcoin has pulled back 25% after plummeting on March 12. Although a 25% upward volatility in 10 days is not unheard of in the cryptocurrency market, the calculation of volatility indices based on that time period will be mostly at stable levels.

Implied and actual volatility of BTC / USD | Source: Skew

In contrast, the real volatility of Bitcoin continue corrected under implied volatility, showing that the market is still strange in terms of price movements in the industry.

Since March 19, the actual volatility for Bitcoin has been consistently above 6.1%, while the implied volatility is less than 6 or 6% on the chart.

Source: Bitpremier

Bitcoin's annual volatility remains high. Follow chart By Bitpremier, volatility soared from 3.72% on 12/3 to 4.75% at 6pm yesterday.

Therefore, it is clear that prices will continue to fluctuate on a long-term basis.

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Short-term changes have an important role in the long run?

The index has fluctuated lower in the last 10 days and may continue to decline in the long term. Bitcoin's move on March 12 to 13 has turned the industry upside down and a number of basic metrics have surged.

Therefore, a more stable phase should start from the short-term charts and may eventually change in the long-term analysis. Considering the level of volatility is still quite high, Bitcoin is likely to open up more price fluctuations, but reducing volatility over the past 10 days is a necessary start for the industry for a stable future in the near future. .

You can see the price of BTC here.

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